How much money does it cost to use and maintain a Toyota Etios car per month

The Toyota Etios became one of the best-selling vehicles on the market and in the B segment, behind the Fiat Cronos and Peugeot 208, while being the auto cheapest on the market, a fact that many buyers take into account when defining the purchase since it still has versions below $3 million.

Your offer consists of six versionsthree with a hatch silhouette and three with a sedan body, and recently added a version with the minimum level of equipment intended for work, called Aibo.

With this range, the Etios that arrived in 2014 managed to win more and more customers, since it has another piece of information in its favor, which is an agreed delivery that is fulfilled and a suggested price that is also respected at dealerships, something that is not easy. to find in a scenario of low supply.

We check how much does it cost per month to maintain this model and what fixed expenses must be taken into account when buying a 0 km.

Entry-level Toyota Etios: Nearly $600,000 a year

To buy an entry-level Toyota Etios, you must opt ​​for the version X 5-door manualwhich has a value of 2,708,000 pesos. This implies that per year the value of the patent will be $135,400 on average, that is, about $11,280 per month (although it is bimonthly or is divided into 5 installments depending on the province).

To this must be added the insurance, which in the case of choosing a complete third party, which is one of the most demanded according to insurers, amounts to $9,500; while the 10,000 kilometer service, necessary to maintain the guarantee, is 21,200 pesos.

The Toyota Etios sedan version car, with large interior space

In addition to these obligatory expenses to circulate, you need fuel, often pay garage and car wash. This without counting extra expenses such as tolls, some unforeseen event such as a broken tire or any other damage that the car may suffer and that if the insurance is not all risk, it is not covered.

In the case of fuel, the Etios is equipped with a 1.5 Dual VVT-i engine, with 103 hp, with an average consumption of 9 liters per 100 km, that is, about 14,682 pesos per month considering super gasoline ($130.50) for a person who travels about 15,000 kilometers a year. In case of using Premium gasoline, which costs $159.80 per liter, the cost amounts to 18,000 pesos.

In this way, the expenses can reach the following figure:

  • Patent: $11,280
  • Insurance: $9,500
  • Service: $1,766 ($21,200 prorated)
  • Fuel: $14,682 super 7 $18,000 premium
  • Garage: $10,000
  • Washing: $2,600 (two a month)

In this way, maintaining one of the cheapest Toyota Etios, per month, implies spending up to $49,828, that is, 598,000 pesos per year.

Toyota Etios full: more than $650,000 a year

In the case of choosing a full version of the Etios, the option is the Sedan XLS Pack A/T, which has a price of 3,414,000 pesos. In this case, the most notable increase will be in patent and insurance, since the rest of the expenses remain the same for any version.

The Toyota Etios is one of the best selling cars on the market.

The Toyota Etios car is one of the best-selling cars on the market

For patent, the sum of $170,700 will be paid per year, that is, about $14,225 per month must be saved to face each installment; while the insurance, for a complete third party, has an average value of $11,200.

To these expenses are added fuel, garage, service and washing, with the following total amount:

  • Patent: $14,225
  • Insurance: $11,200
  • Service: $1,766 ($21,200 prorated)
  • Fuel: $14,682 super $18,000 premium
  • Garage: $10,000
  • Washing: $2,600 (two a month)

In this way, maintaining a full Toyota Etios per month implies disbursing up to $54,400, that is, 654,000 pesos per year.

0km cars, increasingly expensive

The increase in the maintenance costs of a car is tied to the cost of the vehicle, since every month they suffer sharp price increases, which impacts insurance and maintenance, especially.

To this we must add that the little supply in the market makes the units that are revalued more, and even the used ones suffer sharp price increases.

In the case of Toyota, it is one of the few brands where suggested prices are respected at official dealerships, although some models generally have to wait at least 90 days, and risk reserving a unit with an open price.

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