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The people who are holidays have available a virtual alternative to take advantage of the trip and make extra money at the same time. In the best of cases, it would be possible to cover all the expenses involved in tickets, lodging and food.

With the important money that must be spent to travel abroad, a group of entrepreneurs launched a particular application with which you can convert the holidays in a generous investment.

Thus, the plan of this program is that tourists can cover their rest days with a series of simple tasksfast and do not take long in normal situations. It is about the purchase of products that can only be obtained abroad to bring to the country.

The application in question isRecord”, which connects travelers far from Argentina with people who want to get the various products that can only be brought from other countries. Above all, in a purchase with a more accessible price than import values.

The details about Grabr

Specifically, this app allows users to buy products abroad and then receive them from the hand of a traveler who returned from his vacation. While those who arrived in the country receive earnings in dollars for doing the “delivery”.

According to the developers of the platform, the modality allows those interested to obtain products cheaper than the market price. An example is the coveted Stanley thermos that exceeds $10,000 in our country and is available at a lower price.

The Grabr app for travelers.

It is very important to take into account the limitations of Customs and bring small and cheap products, since the benefits in these cases are great.“, they clarify from the firm.

How the app works

The step by step to make a few extra dollars during a trip is simple, due to the fact that you can bring the amount of products that fit in the traveler’s suitcase.

All orders are within the app and there is no exchange of physical money between the parties. In addition, there is an internal messaging system within the platform to contact the buyer.

One thing to keep in mind is that tourists must buy the product with their money and that ensures that the product is legal and safe to transport.

And with a card that adds miles or points with each purchase, you can accumulate benefits to redeem. The only priority is to take care of the customer’s product until it is delivered.

The rewards for the travelers are between 10% and 20% of the value of the product. Given that figure, technology and luxury items are the ones that leave higher commissions and at the same time take up less space in the bags.

According to application data, there were more than 50,000 trips and more than 21,000 orders have already been delivered in more than 37 countries. Products for skin care, supplements and vitamins, makeup, clothing and even food are among the most requested.

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