How to earn money with Mercado Pago

Payment Market is the payment platform most used in Argentina. Its popularity is due, among other factors, to the low requirements to open an account as well as the obligation to have an account on said platform if we want to have a Free Market user, the most important e-commerce in the country. This is why many people wonder how Earn money through Mercado Pago.

How can I earn money through Mercado Pago?

Currently there are different ways of Earn money through Mercado Pago. The first one, although it is the most obvious, is selling products and/or services through Free Market. In this case we must have an account in both Free market as well as in Payment Market.

The sale of products and services is one of the most common ways to generate money in Mercado Pago

It should be remembered that, in the case of sale of products, “private” users they pay commissions significantly higher than those paid by companies, so it is important that if you have a business you register as such.

Another way of earn money by Mercado Pago is marketing their products, such as the resale of Mercado Pago Points.

Third, we can generate money completing some activities such as answering surveys. There are a lot of pollsters what pagan for knowing our opinion, being Opinaia one of the best known.

Usually for earn money via Payment Market With these companies, we must create a user on the platform and we will earn points as we complete the different surveys. Finally, we will be able to exchange those points for prizes, among which there is a balance in Payment Market.

How much money does Mercado Pago give you?

As mentioned above, the forms of earn money via Payment Market there are several, although one of the most interesting is the resale of products from Payment Market.

This program is known as “Mercado Pago Reseller Program” and from the company they affirm that it was created for those people who are transforming their products into their own business.

The Mercado Pago reseller program

Mercado Pago’s reseller program allows its participants to market said company’s products

In addition, by being part of this program, you have access to a series of Benefits, such as being able to buy products in quantity at a wholesale price, allowing for good profits when selling them, as well as receiving prizes in Payment Market for meeting certain goals.

For example, a qr kit it is priced at $229 with a retail price of $129.99, so we will earn $99 per kit sold. But that’s not all, since, as we mentioned previously, there are a series of awards from Payment Market. In this case, there is a premium for “use of the QR” of $500, so the net earnings before taxes they would go to $599.

The sale

The sale of QR codes can generate up to $599 profit per unit

As if this were not enough, the company highlights the following Benefits of being Mercado Pago Distributor:

  • No large prior investment is required. This is because the people who participate in the program can access interest-free fees and credits to start and grow in the program.
  • No experience necessary in advance, as program participants can access an academy where they train them in all the dimensions they need.
  • Great time flexibility because people are “owners of their time”, since they can not only manage their time, but also decide when and how to sell.
  • Large possibilities of growing in the program, since as participants sell more, they access more tools and new levels to boost their prizes with Mercado Pago.
  • Resellers are not alone, as they have a leader assigned by Mercado Pago from the beginning that accompanies them and resolves all their doubts.
  • Finally, from the company they highlight the teamwork, as resellers grow alongside one of the largest companies in Latin America.

To register, we must go to the website of Mercado Pago resellers. In addition, in the same link we can access a earnings simulator in which we enter the products we want and we can see not only one simulation of how much money we will get for each product sold, but also the extra commissions that we can access.

What games pay you for Mercado Pago?

Another way of earn money and charge through Payment Market is playing video games. The most common option is through NFT games. Within this category we can highlight Mir4, Gods Unchained, Spider Tanks and Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is one of the best known NFT games

Axie Infinity is one of the best known NFT games

However, it is important to clarify that these games require a prior investment, so we will be risking our capital, in addition to the unfortunate event that we do not obtain Profits.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these games do not pay directly for Payment Market, but we usually get the money through the “tokens” of the game. This token can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies, such as tether (USDT) to later sell it on platforms such as Binance and collect via Payment Market.

The advantage we obtain by proceeding in this way is that our income they will be indirectly dollarized, so if we don’t need to collect at the moment, we can exchange the tokens for stable coins and protect ourselves against a devaluation of the Argentine currency.

Finally, we meet the famous “gambling” either “virtual casinos” in which we can bet money and, in the case of get benefits, remove them for Payment Market. However, in these cases we must pay attention to their license and if they have any type of regulation to avoid falling into scams

What happens if I invest my money in Mercado Pago?

Currently, Payment Market offers us the option of investing our funds on its platform and being able to earn interest As long as we don’t use our money. To the invest we are doing our funds in the mutual fund of Payment Market.

This fund is a money market investment fund of low risk and with a high degree of liquidity, since we can use our money at all times. It is an excellent option for all the people who operate with this platform and usually have a “stopped” balance in the account.

However, it should be remembered that, despite being a low risk investment fund and with a lot of liquidity, it is still a investment Vehicle, so we will be assuming a risk (albeit a small one) of losing money.

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