how to enter with $28,000 for your own home

Through this methodology it is possible to save to buy a house from a well or receive an income for its rent. The details

With the exchange rate gap and the parallel dollar unstableLooking for investments that allow you to make a profit seems like a difficult task. Much more still seems to be access the dream of own house That, for many, sounds impossible.

Cabinet changes and difficulties in market confidence also appear as an obstacle. In this context, Sumar Inversión allows bet on real estate projects from u$s100 in the construction and post-sale of properties from fundraising or crowdfunding.

How to enter a well furniture from $100?

From the platform you can view the various active projects which, at this moment, are three.

“We have two that are for long-term rentalthat is, we are building on two plots of land that will be completed in two years to be sold. In this way, based on real estate market estimates, we anticipate that tomorrow there will be sell between 20% and 25% more expensive.


The third project has to do with a monthly profitsimilar to renting an apartment and receiving that money per month. “The differential that it has against a traditional income like that of our grandparents who bought an apartment and then rented it is that they are houses developed by us in gated communities where rent is charged in dollars“, Explain.


Sumar Inversión allows you to enter a property “from a well” starting at US$100

Furthermore, he adds: “One can participate from u$s100 and every month charges the proportional rent that amounts to 5% per year. The delivered amount can be made in dollars or pesos to rate of differential change, which in general tends to be close to the MEPI mean, those $100 equals less than $28,000a kind of “Procreate in version 4.0” plan due to the low entry barriers it offers to invest in real estate.

For Muñóz, this is one of the most interesting projects. “I believe that investing in an income product like this one not only csave this money because you are investing in something palpable like bricks, but it also has the benefits of that rent that is going to be paid every month and in dollars. So, no matter how much the dollar rises or there is a new economy minister, I I assure that rent every month in my pocket,” he says.

Sumar Inversión allows small savers to enter the real estate business, although those amounts were changing over time. In the beginning, the tickets were $25,000. Then they went down to $10,000 and then to $1,000 to finally go to the current amount of u$s100.

The updated figure responds to Sumar Inversión’s mantra: “Sincerely we did it because we want toemocratize the real estate business“.

“When we talk about this type of investment, one thinks that if you don’t have certain money you can’t invest: here we want to work in the democratization and digitization of this type of savings that can allow what many seek, which is live on income think so you put u$s100, at the end of the year you can have u$s1,200 and generate that saving culture and avoid ant expenses”, he assures.

All operation is done from a trust agreementlegal figure that protects investors until the work is finished and used for sale of real estate “from the well”.

How to access the dream of your own home?

In addition, a new product will be launched shortly “aimed at people who are not so interested in the rate or winning the five, ten or twenty-five, but who prefer someday have your house. In that sense, what we do is reach your own home through the purchase of different modules or shares of u$100, from $1,000 to $10,000“.

“The best thing about all this is that without getting into debt why It is not a mortgage loan but it is done in the way that one wants and can. Tomorrow, when it reaches the total amount, one can choose where to move depending on what is available and finished building,” Muñóz details.

As for the way to enter, from Sumar Inversión they explain that it can be done in pesos, in dollars or even in crypto.

Users can buy modules to reach the total amount of a property, saving in dollars and without getting into debt

Users can buy modules to reach the total amount of a property, saving in dollars and without getting into debt

“The good thing about all this is that since the work is paid for in pesos and the sale of the property tends to be in dollars, we take the contributions in its equivalent in the North American currency even if they were originally in pesos. When it is returned, the same amount of dollars“, Explain.

“This means giving the opportunity to everyone and throughout the country to access an investment from u$s100 and that does not happen that if you do not have more money you can not enter. On the contrary, you can participate: saving on bricks is possible today thanks to Sumar Inversión”, he concludes.

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