How to find cheap plane fares in 2022: the 3 tricks every saver should know

Although many Argentines they traveled abroad againthe cost of plane tickets can still be a big barrier for those who want to make long flights out of the country.

That is why when looking for tickets there are many recommendations that can be followed to acquire it at a good price. These are the 3 search engines that will help you get low cost tickets that every traveler should know.

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sky scanner

This flight search engine is the most chosen by touristsMainly because of the ease of applying filters. This application focuses on airline tickets, but offers other services such as accommodation searchcar rental, and even trains and cruises.

In this way, you can find the best prices among thousands of websites. Once you know where and when you want to ride, the app will find a ride that suits what you’re looking for.

In addition, it includes a “price alerts“that lets you know when prices are cheapest. Even if you don’t know where you want to travel yet, you can do a search “anywhere” to see the destinations with the best price options.


This search engine is similar to the previous one but it has the peculiarity that you can see the prices located and below certain offers. It has features like forecast prices for flights, search filters, a great mobile user experience, and possibility of having the synchronized travel itinerary automatically on your cell phone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a flight, a hotel or a rental car, the application shows you a set of offers from all over the web. Meanwhile, you can compare your options for the same flight, hotel or rental car and choose where to book, whether in the same airline, hotel, through an agency or on another travel website.

Another feature that it has in particular is that it shows you the prices as they appear on other travel websites, without adding additional fees. It even has a new tool called kayaking for business which aims to simplify the planning and organization of corporate and business travel. Although it does not include customer service, it is free to use.

google travel

Google also has an exclusive search engine for flights. to use it you just need a google account. This application allows users to plan their next trips with summary information about the chosen destination in various categories, such as day plans, reservations and things to do.

The app also makes it easy to locate reservations for flights, hotels, cars and restaurants for the trip based on the Gmail emails of each user. It also makes combinations between airlines to make the flight more economical, as well as also allows you to apply filters depending on what you want to spend and the time you want to fly.

Once you find the flight, you can go to the airline page to check if it offers the same value and buy it directly by the page or in the offices in person.

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