How to invest $25,000 with estimated returns of 40% dollars

The INDEC revealed the Consumer Price Index with a variation of 5.3% in June, compared to the previous month, although main sectors such as health have increased by more than 7%. In this context, those who can accumulate some amount, even if it is small, look for alternatives that allow them to protect it over time.

The financial markets have shown us that, to protect savings, it is not enough to maintain a monetary position. The euro falls to its lowest price in two decades, almost on par with the dollar. However, the US currency also fluctuates, despite being considered a savings instrument, this currency also loses value if it is immobilized.

With no better luck, savers who opted for cryptocurrencies reduced their capital considerably after the bearish streak that demonstrated the volatility to which they are susceptible. Today, bitcoin is trying to break away from $20,000, just 8 months after its peak price of $67,527. For its part, ethereum, another popular crypto, is around $1,220, 75% less than its historic $4,808.

Faced with this world trend, savers-investors are inclined towards low-risk options in stable markets to protect their capital. Such is the case of the real estate sector, historically used as financial support, but with an undeniable barrier for any small and medium saver: acquiring a property requires a lot of money.

In Argentina, a local company called Crowdium introduced “real estate crowdfunding” and allowed all savers to invest in properties from 25,000 pesos. These are collaborative investments that allow the development of real estate projects that, after the sale and/or rental, distribute returns proportional to the participation for all investors.

“Investments are structured in independent trusts, so as not to take risks from other projects,” they report from the platform. As explained, these trusts are managed by a trustee, registered with the National Securities Commission, external to the company, which provides transparency and security to the process.

Crowdium was founded in 2015 with the mission of democratizing investments in one of the most stable markets in the world: real estate. To date, they have funded 20 portfolios thanks to their more than 130,000 registered investors. Some projects already distribute monthly income of $400.

Today Crowdium brings a new opportunity to participate in Vaiv Belgrano, a development in the residential heart of Belgrano between Crámer and Cabildo avenues. Currently, they are in the last days to invest since they have exceeded 90% of the amount necessary for the acquisition in record time.

The company proposes to acquire well units, from 2 to 4 rooms, with a large discount compared to the market price due to its wholesale purchase condition. It will be one of the largest-scale projects on a corner with a triple lot and a unique offer of amenities in the area. A neighborhood of high demand, where it is estimated to generate a total return between 30 and 40% in dollars in 36 months.

By accessing the company’s platform, registration is free, as is account activation. To invest with total security and transparency, those interested must select the project, the amount and choose between pesos or dollars. It can be accessed from the web or by calling 0800-220-2769 so that a commercial advisor can follow the process.

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