How to maintain electricity and gas subsidies and continue buying dollars legally


It is a quick and simple operation through the capital market. How much do they cost and what are the requirements to access.

Recently, the Government announced that it will prevent the purchase of the savings dollar to those who maintain or have requested subsidies for electricity and gas rates. Faced with the novelty, many decided voluntarily resign in order to gain access to monthly quota of u$s200.

But there is another way make US currency by way of lawful and unlimitedwithout having to give up state aid.

It is about the acquisition of dollar MEPalso known as the stock market dollar, through the capital market, with a quick and easy operationand at a value below the parallel or blue dollar.

The MEP dollar does not have a monthly purchase limit or taxes. Photo: File.

What is the MEP dollar and what are its advantages?

The MEP dollar (Electronic Payment Market), or also called the stock dollar, is the name given to the acquisition of this currency through the purchase of a bond in pesos and his subsequent sale in dollars.

Dollar MEP is one of the operations most carried out by Argentines in the Capital Market, since it is 100% legal and, being a online surgerythe risk of circulating on the street with physical money is avoided.

It is also noteworthy that no monthly purchase limit nor taxes and recently the parking (minimum time that the title must be held in the portfolio before selling it) went to only 1 business daywhich makes it one of the most attractive options for savers.

This can be done as there is securities listed on the market both in pesos and dollars. The most chosen to do so are the AL30 and GD30for its liquidity.

In turn, the financial intermediaries through which the MEP dollar is purchased charge a small commission of between one and two percent total between the purchase and sale of the assets.

As explained to Clarion from the platform investedonlineAlthough it sounds complex for someone who has never invested, it is possible to operate with the MEP dollar in just one click. In this way, it is only necessary to enter the amount in pesos that you want to invest, and the next business day the operation is completed automatically.

Also, when investing you can know the estimated price of the MEP dollar that you want to buy.

Dollars can be bought through the purchase of a bond in pesos and its subsequent sale in dollars.  Photo: Andres D'Elia

Dollars can be bought through the purchase of a bond in pesos and its subsequent sale in dollars. Photo: Andres D’Elia

What are the requirements to buy MEP dollars?

In order to buy MEP dollars, you must take into account the following items:

. In the case of having accessed the monthly quota of u$s 200 in home banking, either in banks or exchange houses, they must wait at least 90 days to access the Dollar Stock Exchange.

. They will not be able to access the MEP Dollar those who have credits at 0% rate either government subsidized ratescurrent or pending cancellation, including loans.

. The same goes for those with outstanding credit card debtor those beneficiaries of state aid such as the IFE (Emergency Family Income) or the wow (Universal Assignment or Son), among others.

. Not having received a salary from a company that benefited from the ATP Program.

. You can only buy one MEP dollar person with bank account in dollars.

. Those who benefited from freezing of UVA mortgage payments until July 2022 they cannot buy MEP dollars either.

. As in the entire stock market system, it is necessary to have declared income to be able to operate financial dollar.

The purchase of the MEP dollar is a 100% online operation.  Photo: Shutterstock.

The purchase of the MEP dollar is a 100% online operation. Photo: Shutterstock.

Step by step, how to buy MEP dollars

The Stock Exchange dollar or MEP dollar is an option that allows access to the purchase of dollars at an exchange rate very similar to that of home banking, although without any limit.

1. Open a client account (They are the ones used to operate with bonds or shares in the Capital Market and in the Stock Exchange). The account can be opened at the bank or at a Stock Exchange or ALYC, something that is processed with just a few clicks and a copy of the DNI.

two. Deposit or transfer the pesos in the client account. After carrying out the proper accreditation, the operations are already enabled.

3. Buy bonds in pesos. Currently the most recommended for this operation are the AL30 and GD30 bonds, issued by the national government and redeemable in US dollars.

It is important to note that the price at which the security will be listed it is for 100 nominal values ​​(standard measure for bonds), but you can buy the amount you want.

One point to note is that for this operation the bond must be kept in pesos one business day in the portfolio to be able to carry out the operation (term known as “parking” or “parking” by its translation).

Four. Sell ​​the bonds in dollars (AL30D or GD30D) and in this way the dollars are received in the principal account.

5. After the operation is finished, the dollars are transferred to the bank account of the investor.

Thus, any investor can buy dollars (or sell using the reverse procedure) for an average total of $274.84 per dollar.

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