How to pay less for the iPhone 14

One of the most important moments of the year on Apple’s agenda is approaching, and it is the launch of the new iPhones, in this case the iPhone 14. As usual, many users will decide to buy one of the new models, therefore, in this post we want to tell you what you can do to pay less for it.

When buying an iPhone, surely all users try find a way to pay less for itWell, there is a really simple way to be able to change your device every year without having to pay a fortune for each one of them, in fact, you will only have to put a small part of everything that the new iPhone costs.

Trick to change iPhone

The trick to get it is in sell the old iPhone just before the new model comes outin this way you can get a good amount of money for your device, and you will only have to put the remaining part to buyin this case, one of the new iPhone 14. This is possible thanks to the sales policy that the Cupertino company has, since at no time of the year does it lower the price of its equipment, causing them to lose much less value than the of competition in the second-hand market.

Obviously, the price for which you will be able to sell your device will vary depending on conditions in which it is, but of course, if it does not have any physical damage and works perfectly, you can sell it for 200 or 300 euros less than what it cost you just a year ago when did you buy it. Of course, when purchasing one of the iPhone 14, you have to bear in mind that, predictably, the Pro models will rise in price, so this time the difference that you will have to pay to be able to acquire them will be greater than on occasions previous.

In the end, doing this exercise every year allows you to always have the latest iPhone model without having to spend a large amount of money, somewhat mimicking what a device rental would be. In addition, you have to bear in mind that this is much cheaper than changing the equipment every 2 or 3 years, since in the end, over time, the equipment will lose value and you will be able to sell it at a much lower price, having to subsequently put a much larger amount of money.

Tips before selling

Finally, we want to tell you a series of tips that will come in handy before selling the equipment. The first thing is that you make it through means that are safe. The ideal would be to find a buyer who is close to your environment or locality, so that he can see the iPhone, check that everything is correct and make the payment safely.

Obviously, you also have to keep in mind the applications for the sale of second-hand products such as wallapopwhere security measures are greater every day, as well as websites specialized in it. However, if you want to be completely unconcerned in this process, Apple itself gives you the possibility to recycle your equipment in exchange for an economic amount, although you have to take into account that the price for which you can sell it to Apple will be considerably lower than if you did it in the second-hand market.

Before handing it over, check that everything is correctIt even takes graphic evidence of its condition, as well as its operation so that it is a record of how you delivered the device. In the same way, it is also very important that delete all content that you had inside the equipment, restoring the device and leaving it as if it arrived from the factory.

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