How to project on the TV the photos saved in Google

How to put family photos on the TV (photo: ElOutPut)

who are users of android tv will know that there are a large number of images in the library to choose from and use as wallpapers on tvs, without having applications and other types of services that allow downloading landscape photos in high resolution, however, these devices are usually in homes and there will be people who want Use your family photos as your device’s screensavers.

This is achieved through google photos which is a service that is normally already installed on Android TVs, so the process to place family images on televisions is not time-consuming and all you need is a cell phone with the app Google home page installed.

But there are not only those who want to have their parents, siblings or grandparents on the device’s screensaver, there are also users who love their pets or who are fond of taking photos of the places they visit, which is why it is so practical to know steps to customize the images displayed on the TV when it is “in sleep mode”.

These are the instructions to present the Google Photos gallery in the ambient mode of Android TV
These are the instructions to present the Google Photos gallery in the ambient mode of Android TV

These are the instructions

1. Open the Google Home application on the cell phone

2. Being inside the app, in the menu of linked devices, the TV to be configured will be selected.

3. select the settings icon at the top right of the screen.

What if the TV is not yet set up in the Google Home app

For this, you will have to select the “More” (+) icon, then click on “Configure device” and finally follow the steps shown on the screen.

Having entered the device settings, you can now make the desired customizations for the “ambient mode”, which is where the ability to select Google Photos album to display the photos on the TV screen will be displayed.

But in addition to choosing the images saved in “Google Photos” for the “Ambient mode”, you can also select two other options that are:

Art Gallery: It shows photographs of famous paintings selected by Google for the user.

Experimental: It works like an image bank so it is always updated with new proposals in addition to offering people the possibility of accessing new functions.

Finally, it should be clarified that you cannot select the images that you want to project from Google Photos, that is, the TV will automatically show all the content that has been saved in the cloud.

Likewiseto change the desired period of time for the device to enter “Ambient Mode”, it is only necessary to press the settings button on the remote control and then select the screen options.

How to connect joysticks to televisions.  (photo: Xataka)
How to connect joysticks to televisions. (photo: Xataka)

With the amount of games that are in the Google app store, the TV could act as a console, it would only be necessary to pair them with a joystick and voila, here are the steps.

1. Go to Settings which is the gear icon located at the top right of the screen.

2. Enter the “Remote controls and accessories” section

3. Select the option that says “Add accessory”

4. At this point the TV will begin to detect the peripheral to link it to your network.


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