How to recharge the Sube Card and travel for free on buses and trains

The promotion offers the possibility of making purchases in stores and top-ups for the SUBE card or cell phone line. With the operation, the client will receive a refund of up to 100% for those consumptions, for which the amount paid is returned. This occurs in the midst of increases in trains and buses.


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Sube Card: who can access the benefit

  • The discount is exclusive for users of ID accountthe virtual wallet of Banco Provincia.
  • They will be able to reload the SUBE card with a 100% discount, with a refund cap of $400. The benefit also includes discounts for cell phone recharges.
  • When you download the app and start using the virtual wallet, a free special savings account with a debit card is automatically opened.

How to load balance without additional cost on the Sube Card?

  • To recharge, you must first download the DNI Adolescent Account application. Once done, register according to the steps indicated by the system.
  • Once this step is done, access the option “Reload transport”. There, the amount and the SUBE card number will be selected. The benefit is 100 percent, but with a reinstatement cap of $400.
  • However, it must be taken into account that the limit is applied in a unified way with eventual cell phone top-ups.
  • From Banco Provincia they reported that the refund will be reflected in the account within a period not exceeding 10 business days. To validate the load, you must attend the automatic terminals.

How do I register in the DNI Account app to obtain discounts?

Once the app is installed and opened, the steps are:

  • Take photos of the ID with the cell phone camera.
  • Validate identity by pointing the camera at the center of the face and following the instructions.
  • Complete the required personal and contact information.
  • In 72 business hours the account will be activated. The person will already be able to receive money there, via transfer, cash deposits and other channels, to start making purchases and free recharges.
  • A few days later, you will also receive a Visa Debit card by mail.

SUBi, the Sube Card chatbot for queries and claims

From SUBE they offer the possibility of speaking with a chatbot of Whatsapp called “SUBi” that answers the most frequently asked questions by users, such as where to buy the card, where to charge the balance or even how much is the negative balance.

In this way, in a few simple steps, all the people who have WhatsApp they will be able to have in a simple and easy way all the necessary information about the card. Here’s how it works The SUBi chatbot:

  • Schedule the SUBi chatbot. The number is 11-6677-7823
  • Send any message to start the chat.
  • Write the corresponding number for SUBi to answer the query. If it is not among the options, write “7” for more queries.
  • Write “Menu” if you have another question about SUBE or “Thank you” to end the chat.

When consulting where to buy the SUBE card, the bot gives you the option of accessing a map by province and town where you can see all the places to buy the plastic. Even when notifying that there was a problem (option 6), it is possible to know the available stock and thus not waste time. In this same option, you can report that a business charged more for the card, which is currently sold at the official price of 90 pesos.

Increase in buses and trains in the AMBA

The ticket for buses and trains Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) they will rise 40% from next Monday, after being frozen for more than three years.

Strictly speaking, the bus ticket will have these values ​​according to the sections:

  • In the section of 0-3 km it goes from $18 to $25.20
  • From 3-6 km it goes from $20 to $28
  • From 6-12 km it goes from $21 to $29.40
  • From 12-27 km it goes from $22 to $30.80
  • More than 27 km goes from $23 to $32.20

How the increase in trains impacts

As far as trains are concerned, there will be an increase according to each line:

  • On the Miter, Sarmiento and San Martín lines the ticket will be $17.25
  • On the Urquiza line for $11.25
  • On the Roca and Belgrano Sur lines for $10.75
  • On the Belgrano Norte line $9.50

Subte: how much will it increase in September

After the confirmation of the national government of increases in the tariffs of public transportThe date for the public hearing was announced, which will determine the price of the subway ticket in the City of Buenos Aires. According to the estimate, the value of the trip will reach a 40% increase in the coming weeks.

The summons to the public hearing was communicated by the company Subways of Buenos Aires SE (SBASE)which informed that the next August 26. The objective is to process the technical rate and approve the updating of the user rate. The proposal stipulates that by the end of September the price of the subway ticket is $42 and the Premetro, in $15.

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