How to ‘resurrect’ plants after the holidays

During the holidays, the maintenance of plants in the home usually relax. Especially in summer, since it is the time when they need more watering due to high temperatures and daylight hours. Likewise, it is the vacation period and, if one goes to another place to enjoy it, these can be left without care during the time it lasts.

On many occasions, the care of house plants in these periods is not carried out in the appropriate way and they suffer, languish and even perish. Therefore, at this time of year, it is convenient to know how ‘resurrect’ to the plants after the holidays.

Tips for caring for plants after the holidays

The house plants require of watch out. Some more constantly and permanently. Others not so much. If during the holidays the plants have not received enough water or light, they will suffer excessive stress that can be harmful.

In spite of everything, there are certain keys to taking care of the plants after the holidays and trying to “resurrect”. The first thing to take into account are the needs of each of the plants available at home, because each species requires specific care.

In this identification, analyze Each plant by check if they have dry branches or leaves or if they suffer from any type of disease. Or, if on the contrary, they are in an optimal state.

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Tips to recover plants after the holidays

After this inspection, withdraw Both sheets like the dried flowers. These parts are already lost and are not going to be recovered, so they represent a noticeable detriment for him plant development. Initially, damaged stems are best kept to see if after a few weeks they recover or should be pruned.

The other essential aspect is ID of possible pests. In these cases, the stem, the soil, the leaves and the branches must be analyzed. Long periods without maintenance and high temperatures are factors that favor the appearance of insects, bugs, fungi and other pests that can damage the plant.

Once the pest has been identified, it is best to go to an expert to advise the phytosanitary treatment more convenient to mitigate the plague or acquire a suitable insecticide.

If the plants that are doing well have survived after the holidays, it should be taken into account that with this type of care and this type of light, it is likely to be sufficient for their growth.

Over the days, these plants can be placed in brighter areas depending on the light they receive at home. With these measures, it contributes to avoiding the stress of the plant and therefore to its survival.

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Image source: Pexels

Keys to know if a plant recovers

To know if a plant is going to resurrect or recover, must be observed. During the days after returning from vacation you have to see the changes that occur and if the limp leaves they turn firmer.

Other aspects to take into account are the appearance of new shoots oa stem firmness. Some fundamental aspects in plant recovery. On the other hand, if the plant does not improve, it is best to remove it.

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