How to search for your ideal vacation destination with Alexa

  • Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, has incorporated a new functionality with which its users can obtain personalized suggestions to go on a trip

  • This new functionality is born from a collaboration with Lonely Planet, one of the largest travel guides in the world, and works based on a series of questions that allow different destinations to be filtered to adjust the suggested place to the user’s preferences.

  • With Alexa, in addition, users will also be able to create a travel guide with which to better organize their vacations and receive information about the weather in their destination

When summer comes, there are many who decide to take advantage of their well-deserved vacation days to organize a getawayeither nationally or internationally, and disconnect from the routine and hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Choosing a destination to go on vacation, however, is not always easy. Although there are people who can plan their summer months or even a whole year in advance, there are others who, whether due to their indecision, their savings or their family situation, take much longer to opt for one place or another.

To help these undecided to make their decisions, Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, has incorporated a new functionality with which you can get personalized suggestions and choose the ideal destination based on your tastes.

How can Alexa help you find your ideal vacation destination?

This new functionality, which joins the many other solutions that the voice assistant offers its users, born from a collaboration with Lonely Planetone of the world’s largest travel guides, and it works just like the rest of the Alexa features: with a voice command.

Specifically, those who want to use the wizard to find personalized travel suggestions they just have to ask the following question: “Alexa, where can I go on vacation?” to start the new functionality.

When this new feature is activated, the voice assistant will proceed to ask the user several questions, which They will serve to filter the different options and to adjust the destination to the user’s preferences.

Alexa, in collaboration with Lonely Planet, can help us plan our

During this process, the user must therefore answer questions such as what is your budget, how many days do you plan the trip to last, what are you looking for with this getaway or what are your preferences. Based on your responses, the voice assistant will suggest a destination tailored to your tastes, providing a brief description and various fun facts about the place.

Users who want to use this functionality You can repeat the process as many times as you want.: They just need to ask the activation question. Once activated, yes, they will have to answer the questionnaire againso they can vary their answers to obtain new suggestions that they can study to choose the one that best suits their interests.

Also, if a user has already chosen their destination, you can use the voice assistant to create a travel guide and thus better organize your vacation. To do this, they just have to say: “Alexa, what do you know about…” and the name of the destination where they will go on vacation so that the assistant searches through their sources and provides them with information. Similarly, users they can also use it to find out what the weather will be like at their destination when they go on vacation or to remind them of things to put in the suitcase, something that can be very useful if they are forgetful. They just have to ask, again, and the voice assistant will give them the answer they need.

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