I am going to travel through Europe, should I notify my operator?

There are several doubts that can arise when traveling through a European countrynot only when we go to pack, because sometimes we don’t know what to wear, but rather, what happens when we go to another country. Can we use the mobile data and coverage of our mobile? Or, do we have to notify our operator before traveling through Europe?

The truth is that there are many users who ask themselves these questions before getting on the plane to go abroad. Basically, because if we don’t clear this up and we use the smartphone outside of Spainthe invoice that will arrive from a mobile phone could leave us speechless. Everything will depend on one thing, which country in Europe we travel to. Well, no matter how much it is a country of the old continent, if that region does not belong to the European Union, we will have to be careful with the use of the mobile.

Shall I call the operator?

When traveling in Europe, it will not always be necessary to notify the operator. Although, one of the key points when we want to use the smartphone abroad will be roaming. For those who are not familiar with this term, it basically means that we can use our mobile line, with its data and coverage, outside of our country, in this case Spain. Without this, it will be impossible for us to enjoy coverage.

However, a few years ago the simple fact of being able to enjoy this advantage outside our country was a quite notable increase in our bill, but since 2017 the new measures of the European Union came into force that eliminated the roaming system of countries that are within the EU itself. That is, not all the regions of Europe, but only those that make up the EU.

Therefore, you will not need to contact the operator at any time in order to pay for an extra service. that allows you to use the Internet and the coverage of your phone in one of those countries. However, if you go to a region outside the European Union, the truth is that you will have to call if you do not want to receive a much higher bill for using the smartphone abroad.

The importance of roaming

After having made it clear that use roaming within an EU country It will not be necessary to pay a single euro more, it is time to see the importance of this system. Keep in mind at all times that if it is a region that is not within the European Union you should immediately call your operator Y todo to ask if they offer an extra service. Although, in these cases, the ideal is that you buy a prepaid card to use during the trip.

In any case, forget about special pricing if you are within the European Union. However, we may have to activate roaming in our operator, if we do not have it activated by default. To do this, we can do it from the mobile app that the company has, from the website itself or by calling the operator.

If we decide to access the app or the web, it will be as simple as accessing the customer area section with our access data. And, when we have logged in, we must go to the section where we can configure the line and enable roaming option. In the case of smartphones, we must bear in mind that the data roaming function must be activated. With this, what we will achieve is that we use the connection of an operator abroad. More than anything, because that company has a series of agreements with our operator so that we can use their coverage when traveling in Europe. In the event that you do not know how to activate it on your smartphone, you must follow a series of steps.

  • In Android: Settings> Mobile networks / SIM card and mobile data> choose the card> inside you must activate the option Data roaming.
  • In iPhone: Go to Settings > Mobile data > Options > Verify that data roaming be active.


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