Iceland: How to Travel Alone to a Trendy Backcountry (And Come Back Full of Friends)

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It is on the list of trips that must be done at least once in a lifetime. Iceland has become one of the most desired destinations on the adventurer’s map. And this is precisely the way that the WeRoad platform suggests to live an experience that leaves no one indifferent. Because one leaves alone and returns with a group of friends. After all, what is more important, the journey or the destination? Perhaps the company…

The idea is perfect in these times. It has been conceived with generation Y in mind, who do not want a house on the beach or luxury in their suitcase. prefer know places and interact with people to take experiences. Who has not experienced that of not being able to coincide with friends on vacation, being single fleeing from plans as a couple or having certain misgivings when traveling alone due to the fact of being a woman.


The Gullfoss waterfall, one of the most striking in the Nordic country, nestled in the middle of the golden circle.

The platform made in Italy, curiously one of the famous countries when it comes to socializing, puts all of them in contact. Just landed in Spain, advocates creating a community of travelers millennials: young people who reached their adult life with the turn of the century, that is, in the year 2000. “They are the same age, from 25 to 35 and from 35 to 49they don’t know each other before they leave and they explore the world together with a coordinator”, explains Paolo de Nadai, founder of WeRoad.

He clarifies that he is not a professional guide, the only possible drawback in this kind of agency where a passionate, selected and trained globetrotter profile becomes the best travel companion among the so-called WeRoaders.

Michele Pasini is in charge of bringing together all these tips about Iceland from the hand of other experienced coordinators who share what is worthwhile and what is not of the pas of ice and fire. “They want authenticity, and not so much the tourist stuff.”


The immense waterfalls to contemplate in the middle of nowhere are a constant in the pa
The immense waterfalls to contemplate in the middle of nowhere are a constant in the country where ice and fire melt.

The first question is a must: is it a travel Tinder? “64% do not have a stable relationship and hard to meet new peopleinteresting and similar to them. Here there are similar profiles and we do not hide that the odd love story arises”. But the most interesting thing, he confesses, is seeing absolute strangers who have simply greeted each other on WhatsApp getting off different planes – each one chooses their route freely – and end the trip hugging each other through tears and promising to see each other again at a future meeting.

“Everything is very intense, especially in a hidden place such as Iceland, where you share a rented car all the time because the points of interest are far apart”. Conversations for hours go a long way. “They end up fixing the world and getting to know each other well. Relationships are forged.”


There are about 400 glaciers (they cover 10% of the land), especially in lakes where ATVs are tested.
There are about 400 glaciers (they cover 10% of the land), especially in lakes where ATVs are tested.

In just five days, two of them practically spent traveling, the mission is dive into crystal clear waters, get into the middle of volcanoes, traverse waterfalls and glimpse geysers a meter away.

Between stops it is essential to get ingredients for sandwiches in a supermarket, advises Michele Pasini: “It is not so easy to find restaurants on the road and in places the food is usually expensive”. An example is a sandwich that has nothing to do with a Michelin star and costs about 18 euros at the exchange rate for Icelandic crowns. A glass of wine is 13. “If everything is planned intensely, as in this type of trip, Besides, you’ll probably be late.” So, sausage and bread work as lifesavers on more than one occasion.

Iceland in summer allows you to avoid the heat of the season, but it has a drawback (or rather, it is another excuse to return) by preventing you from contemplating the magic of the Northern Lights or the glaciers in all their splendor. In return, the day becomes infinite to link attractions in this place of just 366,425 inhabitants (according to 2020 data) in 103,000 square kilometers. To get an idea: just four inhabitants per square kilometer.

Hence the landscape is tied to a infinite road dotted with nature, horses with straight manes and, from time to time, an isolated Christian church or accompanied by a couple of houses. “The GPS usually gives you a single indication when marking a destination: straight ahead and a final turn,” laughs the coordinator. From this picture one intuits how the end of the world could be. Mysterious and at the same time fascinating.

Like the empty and artificial arteries in the first contact with Reykjavík, capital of prefabricated houses bathed in a midnight sun. Here going out for drinks is the closest thing to a after hours Those, to sleep you have to make a hole in the backpack for the mask. Iceland favors curtains over blinds, and circadian rhythms never give up on adventure.


Although the journey with WeRoad is fast, considering that Iceland is usually traveled for a minimum of two weeks, there are even shorter options. the of the blue Lagoonconnected to the airport with return buses in the day, it is therefore a must. It is a geothermal spa located in the youngest lava field in western Iceland, and owes its name to the intense turquoise color of the artificial pool.

“Many locals will recommend other more authentic and less tourist dips, but everyone agrees that this is really worth it,” slides Pasini. The most basic ticket costs about 50 euros to change and includes access to the venue, a drink and a face mask. If you prefer a spa even more natural and with the water so hot that there are even signs in certain meanders warning of the danger, the site is Reykjadalur.

After a walk of about three and a half kilometers, you reach a river that barely covers, but allows get into a box. The whole area has great geothermal activity and is full of fumaroles and thermal waters really spectacular. The refuge to enjoy a calm sunset.


Diving between tect plates
Diving between tectonic plates, an unusual activity in Iceland due to the cold, but which allows you to touch two continents.

To submerge also invite the tectonic plates that separate America and Europe. Diving is an unusual activity in Iceland (it’s freezing cold and there are no corals), but thanks to a large freshwater crevasse called Silfra it’s all the rage. It allows you to touch two continents at the same time, one with each hand, wrapped in a neoprene suit to always stay dry.

Instagram-worthy stamps are also the imposing waterfalls that come out of nowhere. Gullfoss is perhaps the most imposing. In the canyon of the Hvit River, in the southeast, it is 31 meters high in total in two waterfalls that carry an average of 109 cubic meters of water per second. Or Kirkjufell, the telegenic mountain of Game of Thrones. Located on the Snfellsnes peninsula, a small Iceland that has everything, it is undoubtedly the most photographed, with permission of the seals. A good point to observe them free and friendly, with their heads well out, is Ytri Tunga. The best time to see them, if you keep quiet, is between the months of May and July.

As in Iceland you have to consider visits due to lack of time, a last optional activity is the visit to the puffin,Atlantic puffins reminiscent of penguins in tiny for 50 euros.

In this small selection of offers in a fascinating country, the largest penis museum in the world is pending. WeRoad plans to replicate this popular northern destination that is making more and more headlines and topping more travel wish lists. Like this one, there are 598 trips scheduled for August. The main motivation? “Do not travel alone and have everything well organized.”

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