Ideal Vidanta for Luxury Summer Vacations in Mexico

Vidanta sets the trend in luxury tourism in Mexico: its vacation destinations are characterized by the high quality of their servicesintegrate gastronomic experiences and modern complexes, in addition to the commitment to growth hand in hand with its collaborators, as well as for its support of nearby communities and for its care of the environment.

With exclusive hotel brands: The Estates, Grand Luxxe, The Grand Bliss, The Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace, among others. The company’s visionary focus has always been on developing luxury resorts on the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, so that its guests, families and friends can enjoy unforgettable stays in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Peñasco, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.

Thus, its luxury brands have received the Distinctive AAA Five Diamond Award, granted by the American Automobile Association; It is the highest award given for excellence in restaurants and hotels, recognizing first-class luxury, amenities and services for a unique experience.

Mexican pride that prevails

In addition to taking care of every detail in service and infrastructure, Vidanta prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction, “we cannot offer our guests something if it does not meet the quality they are expecting: if we do not have that vision of quality, the primary objective. That is why the company has been characterized by putting the highest quality in services, experiences and infrastructure.”, details Jose Alonso, director of Operations of Grupo Vidanta.

Hence, guests constantly repeat in any of the complexes that make up the group, whether as a couple, friends or family, “our goal is that for your vacations you always choose Vidanta for the quality we offer: We represent different hotel brands, but always with the focus of satisfying all your needs during your stay”indica.

Collaborators, the key to development

An essential factor in the growth of Vidanta are its collaborators, “they are indispensable”, clarifies Jose Alonso. He adds that they are just as important as the guests: “tWe work under a scheme of respect in everything: from the environment, taking care of nature to the neighbor, so that they feel comfortable with our presence; with guests and visitors to meet their expectations; with collaborators, seeking their entire satisfaction, even with the suppliers with whom we have an alliance”, says the manager.

Employees are trained through a Hotel Simulator where they are trained in various areas. There, for a week they carry out their duties with the replica of their work area. Subsequently, they undergo a theoretical and practical exam. Then they go to real work. If necessary, they return to improve their performance.

In addition, their personal and professional development is encouraged with academic preparation and climbing positions in the resort, through the Life and Career Plan program.“After six months in the same position, you can request to move to the next level: for three months they are prepared for the new position and an evaluation is made to confirm if they already have the knowledge and tools necessary to occupy the new position. ”.

Part of this preparation is the company icon: the Vidanta Greeting, a gesture to greet all visitors, placing the hand on the heart: “it is a way of telling our visitors that, from within, from the heart, we want to serve them. It is not something superficial; It is to communicate that everything we do is from the heart: that we are glad to know that you are with us and that we are glad to be able to serve you”.

Gastronomy, reason for travel

For several years, culinary experiences have been consolidated as a reason to travel to a destination; Vidanta has consolidated this trend in its tourist destinations, “We want the traveler to want to live the gastronomic experience in our hotels; An important part is our corporate chef: Alexis Bostelmann, who has been with us for many years and is constantly updated on gastronomic trends. He is in charge of developing the menus together with the executive chefs and the food and beverage directors of each complex.”

And it is that, according to each destination, Vidanta has set culinary standards very highwhich are reflected in different concepts, through a wide variety of delicious dishes and drinks.

Every year the menus are reviewed, the popularity, performance and temporality are analyzedThe hours are even adjusted depending on the time of year and the greater number of national or international visitors, to meet the expectations of the guests.

Trends and contexts are analyzed “for example in Nuevo Vallarta We have 48 consumption centers and in all of them, we seek that visitors have an unforgettable gastronomic experience. In each of the restaurants we have the best chef”, says Jose Alonso.

Vidanta also offers individual or group experiences, even unique ones, such as JOYÀ, the only permanent Cirque du Soleil show in Mexico, framed by a culinary experience at Vidanta Rivera Maya.

Socially responsible company

Vidanta is also a trend in the preservation of the environment by implementing specific actions: from the planning and construction of the complexes to their daily operation so that tourism can be sustainable and offer its visitors the security of staying in a place that is friendly to nature.

The hotels have EarthCheck certifications since 2004, as well as Tourist Environmental Quality labels from the Federal Office for Environmental Protection and the “S” label. issued by the Ministry of Tourism, as a result of its sustainable practices in tourism services.

Its actions include water treatment facilities; use of treated water for irrigation of golf courses and gardens during the afternoon to prevent evaporation. Similarly, the resorts have comprehensive energy saving, waste management and recycling infrastructure.

In addition, they operate three turtle sanctuaries in three of their resorts in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya and Acapulco, as well as fauna conservation programs, highlighting a flamingo and crocodile sanctuary.

Likewise, Vidanta integrates local collaborators into its operations, acquires part of the supplies in the region, and supports communities where it is established, “for example, in Vallarta, for almost 10 years, Through the Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation, after-school courses are given to children in the afternoons: English classes, swimming, physical education and also math, Spanish or natural sciences are reinforced; we seek to return something of how much they give us”, points out the Director of Operations of Grupo Vidanta.


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