In a beach swimsuit, Alexa Dellanos travels to the island of pigs

The famous model American Alexa Dellanos wanted to share with her fans her recent trip to the famous “Island of the Pigs” of the bahamasIn addition, I make the most of it to show off its unparalleled curves heart attack

Yesterday afternoon, Alexa shared a series of photos where the American model was enjoying an amazing day in the company of the cute little pigs.

It was in fact a carousel of photos that he shared where it is shown Playing with them and making the most of that epic moment that many would like to experience as well.

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What attracted the most attention were also her infarct curves, because of course she wanted to model her charms while wearing a small Swimwear blue color that combined perfectly with the color of the water in that location.

True happiness,” the model wrote in the post.

It should be noted that Big Major Cay is an uninhabited island located in the Exuma district of the Bahamas and this destination is known worldwide as the island of pigs.


Since, in it lives a small population of wild pigs that live freely in the sand and among the waves of the sea, an activity that the model Alexa Dellanos did not hesitate to do.

In fact, there are different versions that tell the curious story of the arrival of these animals in the district of Exuma and it is that the legend tells that these animals were brought to the island by some sailors with the intention that they would be their food upon their return.

However, the humans never returned and it is said that they survived thanks to the food scraps discarded by the ships.

There is no doubt that the faithful followers appreciate that the influencer thinks of them and much more that she shares her beautiful presence in this way.

The truth is that extra content never hurts, she knows it perfectly and that is why she has also made a club called lexi doll in which you can receive their best images and of course also some other opportunities and benefits that they offer us there.

It is important to mention that in her social networks she has a lot of support and will continue to receive it, much more she continues to worry so much about her admirers that they do not stop growing, a great increase that even she herself did not expect to have.

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