In a tight final, Alex Caniggia established himself as the champion of El Hotel de los Famosos

Alex Caniggia was consecrated as the winner of El Hotel de los Famosos (Video: El Trece)

The day finally came. After four months, the winner of The Hotel of the Famous. In a vibrant final, which had already started last Thursday, this Monday alex caniggia Y Martin Salwe They faced each other in the much feared H, where finally the media ended up consecrating champion.

The last broadcast of the reality show The thirteen It had started at 9:20 p.m. and with a rating reaching 9.2 points. “Today is the last day of competition, and the last duel. We are waiting for the two duelists, for the two finalists of this season, Martín and Alex, Alex and Martín, a duel that will surely be as exciting as the two challenges that we were already able to witness, “he announced. Carolina pampita ardoheanjust before some images of what happened days ago were reviewed, when it was the beginning of the grand finale.

Meanwhile, the first surprise of the night would arrive: all the former participants were present to say goodbye to the hotel and encourage the finalists. In a relaxed atmosphere, they remembered funny anecdotes from their time on the reality show and also strong discussions that generated tension throughout the cycle.

The former participants of El Hotel de los Famosos visited the finalists (Video: El Trece)

However, the moment of truth arrived and the finalists began to prepare for the long-awaited duel. “Why do I want to beat Martín? One, due to competition, anger, sweat and rancor. Two, because he is a milk muscle and I hate them. He is my first Hache and I am going to give everything, ”said the son of Claudio Paul Caniggia Y mariana nannis backstage, anticipating the final. “We have the feeling that no matter what happens, we have to have a good time, and may the best man win,” said the announcer.

Just before the long-awaited duel, the hotel specialists entered: Gabriel Olvieri, Christian Petersen, Juan Miceli Y Jose Maria Muscariwho also recalled anecdotes about their time helping the contestants. “I loved going to wake them up every day because I would catch them lying in bed. I’ve heard about Ima’s (Imanol Rodríguez) problems getting up…Sabri, obsessed with cleanliness, the Turk was also surprising because he knew a lot about everything in the house (….) I enjoyed them and I love him very much each one of them”, recalled Oliveri.

Then, it was time for the real protagonists to enter, who were also surprised by the arrival of their relatives. “I am very proud of you who came this far, you are the best. everyone loves you, so you have to win!”she shouted euphorically charlotte to your brother. On Martin’s side, it was his father, Gustavocommissioning him to dedicate an emotional speech to him: “Tremendous moment, I am very happy. I always thought that Martín could reach the final. He was a great player, a great competitor. It seems to me that he more than complied, that he made him cool, that he accompanied his companions. I think he has a huge future and that makes me proud as a father”.

Alex Caniggia and Martin Salwe enter for the final duel of El Hotel de los Famosos and receive a visit from their relatives (Video: El Trece)

The truth is that at 10:18 p.m. the time for words was over and the decisive moment was ushered in. The chinese leunis He was in charge of explaining the last challenge to them and Pampita alerted them: “Are you ready?” In an energetic shout, both participants confirmed their desire to start the final duel and quickly got to work.

Alex Caniggia and Martin Salwe began the final duel of El Hotel de los Famosos (Video: El Trece)

In a great challenge of physical demand, throwing bundles and dodging obstacles, both Salwe and Caniggia gave their all to try to pass the test in the shortest time possible. By just eight seconds difference, Alex was the first to place the final card, but he still had to add the time of the remaining competitions. And as Pampita announced, for a total difference of more than two minutes, it was Alex Caniggia who ended up consecrating champion.

This is how the final challenge between Alex Caniggia and Martin Salwe ended at El Hotel de los Famosos (Video: El Trece)

“I am very happy, I am very happy. So many days, weeks, months having a good time, bad, with sweat, blood, rancor… It was a unique experience, incomparable, that will always remain in my heart. This reality show changed my life, I am another person. It is the first reality show that I have won, finally, the p… mother!”closed the brand new winner, in the middle of a euphoric celebration.


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