In the sky and the streets: what the flying car that was approved in the United States looks like

The Switchblade was created by the company Samson Sky

As if following that recognized reflection of Argentine rock that warns that the future arrived a long time ago, the flying cars they are getting closer to passing through our daily lives. Is that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States announced that the three-wheeled model Switchbladeproduced by the company sky samsonit complies with the necessary safety parameters to go out into the air and onto the streets.

In this way, after 14 years of waiting and production, the official tests can be carried out before marketing and delivering this car that will be a pioneer in the northern country: it is the first of these characteristics to receive official authorization.

Excited, the more than 2000 buyers who reserved a model await in their homes. Once the aforementioned evaluations come to fruition, the company will go on the market with this copy that, in principle, will cost 170 thousand dollars. “Switchblade will always be available in your garage, allowing you to leave your old life behind and seek out new adventures.”, they anticipate with optimism from Samson Sky.

The flying car could work both on the streets and in airspace
The flying car could work both on the streets and in airspace

Beyond the fact that some benefits and general characteristics of flying cars are known, andhe Switchblade has a unique feature: it can be driven on land streets in the same way as it can be driven through airspace. This dual function of flying and navigating routes is undoubtedly part of the added value that Samson Sky managers in charge of sam bousfieldhis founder.

The operation of the Switchblade is a novelty for the day to day in which people move. With a single button, the driver can go from a car that circulates through the streets of his city to a flying example that crosses the clouds at more than 320 kilometers per hour. The dimensions? 1.8 meters wide and 1.5 meters high.

To circulate on land roads, the Switchblade has a three-cylinder engine, disc brakes on its wheels and an interior dashboard in which the user can control various parameters such as temperature through an intelligent system. The fuel tank has a capacity of 125 liters and can be filled with 91-octane automobile gasoline.

This would be the Switchblade inside: an intelligent system to control various parameters such as temperature
This would be the Switchblade inside: an intelligent system to control various parameters such as temperature

This particular model can pass to your instance of flight in just three minutes once the driver presses the corresponding button. The wings open and the tail extends to embark on a journey through the air to at least 4,000 meters above sea level.

In the official information disseminated by Samson Sky, the details and objectives sought years ago can also be seen. “Go from your garage to your destination in a single vehicle. Fly like a magnificently capable airplane. Nimbly drive through twisty turns like a high-performance sports car. The best of both worlds at your fingertips”.

Those interested in reserving one of these flying cars must complete a form on the Samson Sky site and transfer a deposit of 2 thousand dollars. This sum will be refundable if the client backs out up to 30 days later before official large-scale production begins.

Samson Sky worked for 14 years to produce the Switchblade
Samson Sky worked for 14 years to produce the Switchblade

The purchase of a Switchblade can include the kit for an additional 20 thousand dollars Samson Construction Assistanta training and support program to take full advantage of this issue. To be able to drive one of these cars you have to have driver’s license and also pilot’s licensenot a minor fact that must be taken into account when executing a reservation.

At the moment the Switchblade will be available only in the United States and its use will be really effective once the Government of that country regulates these means of transport, something that has not yet happened and will not happen at least in the near future. Is that, for example, to move in the air space would have to go from one runway to another. Either way, this is not a deterrent to marketing.

sam bousfielddirector of Samson Sky, he worked for 25 years as an architect before entering the world of aeronautics. To start the Switchblade project in 2008 -14 years ago-, Bousfield invested 750 thousand dollars and dedicated himself fully to the idea. “I decided to develop something that would seamlessly merge air and ground transportation using existing infrastructure”, he describes, about what he considers “the next step towards the future”.


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