In the sun and in the jaccuzzi: Lali Esposito kissed Rels B

Lali Esposito She is not the type of person who remains silent when she does not like something and, days ago, she pointed everything against those who linked her romantically with Rels B, a Spanish rapper who accompanied her during her recent vacations. Her release appeared in the midst of a wave of rumors that a romance had been born, which increased after a particular video that showed that the meeting was not a coincidence. Nevertheless, Shortly after he denied things, a recording went viral where they are seen in the same bed.

Lali Espósito starred in a sensual video with Rels B

Finished the recordings of the first stage of The Argentine Voice (Telefe) and after starting the Disciplina Tour, Lali Espósito took a relaxing vacation. In order to get away from the Argentine winter, she settled down for a couple of days in the paradisiacal Spanish beaches, which welcomed her with high temperatures and a sun that invited her to spend long hours in the water.

Accompanied by a group of friends, she went on yacht rides, explored the European streets and tasted the best dishes that the local cuisine had to offer. Although the “Diva” is prone to avoid sharing the most intimate aspects of her private life, she made an exception and He entertained his millions of fans with the photos and videos that recorded some of the most precious moments of the getaway.

Lali Esposito Rels Binstagram @lalioficial

But it was not her colorful bikinis or the imposing landscapes that captured the attention, but the eyes of the users of the networks detected a couple of details that led them to draw quick conclusions. On the trip were not only Lali’s friends but also rapper Rels Bwith whom they shared some days.

Just a couple of hours after fans debated their theories on the networks, from JUSTICE (America) assured that they were together in Ibiza. In turn, Rels B himself, turning a deaf ear to speculation, shared a video that captured the moment in which, embracing, they sink under the water at the same time as they let out a couple of laughs. This only fueled the rumours.

Lali Esposito Rels B
Lali Esposito Rels Binstagram @lalioficial

Annoyed by the news that did not stop growing and that invaded the media overnight, Lali expressed: “How crazy, It strikes me how we need to link if there is a girl and a boy in the same place, link them sentimentally… There is nothing to be said.”

Nevertheless, in the last hours a post uploaded by the producer went viral -also known as Skinny Flakk- where he compiled multiple recordings of his days with Lali. Stuck in the jaccuzzi, in the sea and even lying in the same bed just woken up were just some of the fragments that could be seen.

Lali Esposito and Rels B were shown together

Far from referring to their possible courtship again, the author of “Discipline” did not speak directly about that video, but in his Instagram Stories he shared a post from Spanish where he is heard singing a fragment of a song not yet published in which he talks about “exchanging energies”. With a long row of little fire emojis, he showed that it is no longer necessary to make clarifications and thus let people speak freely.

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