Inés Estévez denounced that a theater usher mistreated her daughters: “Training staff is urgent”

Ines Estevez

this monday morning Ines Estevez He denounced on his social networks an unpleasant situation that his daughters experienced on Sunday at a special function of the show Disney Junior at the Gran Rex Theater. The actress is the mother of Cielo y Vida began by sharing on her Instagram account, where 168,000 users follow her, a photo of one of the girls with a background poster of the work in question. “Thank you Disney Junior Latin America”, wrote the actress on that image and below added a “But…”.

In a following story, he cleared up the mystery and began his strong release. “Having space available, two girls with disabilities who changed places with their caregivers to see better, they challenged them and sent them back to an area where they could not see wellEstevez said.

One of the caregivers explained the condition of the girls, the answer was: ‘And what does she have?’”, continued who is also a singer and former partner of Fabian Veinfather of her daughters. Likewise, Inés ravished the Disney account and also that of the theater, to add a legend in convincing capital letters: “Training staff is urgent“, said.

Inés Estévez denounced that her daughters were mistreated in the Gran Rex (Photo: Instagram)
Inés Estévez denounced that her daughters were mistreated in the Gran Rex (Photo: Instagram)

Likewise, and on her Twitter account, Inés expanded her release through an extensive thread in which she added more details about the invitation that the little ones received to attend the aforementioned children’s show on the last day of the winter holidays.

A relaxed function was made, for people with sensory hypersensitivity, for Disney Junior Latin America at the Gran Rex Theaterthanks to the initiative and contribution of good people like the genius of Matías Cadaveira”, mentioned the psychologist and communicator who disseminates information on autism and Asperger’s. “For health reasons I could not go and asked to send them on Sunday”, explained Inés about the reasons for her absence at the time the event occurred.

“Since Vida had been very enthusiastic, the people of Disney, beautiful, enabled me the tickets on the spot and I organized an operational command: in disability an outing is exactly an operation, so that they would go with two caregivers”, commented the actress.

“They received them very well, but they sat them in a sector where they could not see comfortably. As there were free seats, one of the caretakers moved them to a more central area. An usher, as soon as he saw them, sent them back to the stipulated place with questionable ways”, continued Estevez.

The Twitter thread in which Inés Estévez denounced the bad time her daughters experienced (Photo: Twitter)
The Twitter thread in which Inés Estévez denounced the bad time her daughters experienced (Photo: Twitter)

Also, the actress emphasized the fact that “moving from one place to another can already deregulate a child. And when one of the caregivers told him that they had a disability, something highly visible in the smallest, the usher said: ‘And what does he have? sit where i told you‘” he reiterated.

“If we continue to depend on goodwill and empathy, we will not get any further. For a law of Mandatory and urgent training for theater and business staff and police personnel, who I know of cases, detain and violate people with ASD because they are unaware of the subject”, added context to the situation he denounced.

I applaud Fernando Galarraga (executive director of the National Agency for Disability) to offer to design, together with @andiscapacity and disability professionals, an urgent bill”, Inés closed in her defense.


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