Investment platform linked to the field with returns of between 10% and 14% per year in dollars

How does the platform work?

The first step is to decide how the savings will be invested. The second, do it safely and confidently. That is why Surmax offers its platform as a friendly, intuitive, secure and complete medium, in which all interested persons can access and generate their own user.

It is accessed through its website in the “investment platform” section, or directly through its link:



Once the account has been created and the data has been registered, the user will arrive at a quick information screen that will welcome them and will show the initial data of the business, to take the initial step to a new investment experience with returns offered by Surmax.

The platform allows you to manage the user’s virtual wallet, in which you will be able to know data about the money available, money to be settled, money invested (start and end date, nominal interest, expiration, estimated recovery), profit available to settle and the movements usually. And for those who choose to take it one step at a time, it is also possible to simulate a reversal before making the actual move.


In which projects to invest?

Surmax currently has projects in cattle raising and rearing, calf fattening, grain cultivation and beef exports, the latter being dual modality, in dollars and pesos.

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This latest version of exports in pesos is an ideal plan for investors who want to take advantage of a high income in pesos, in a short term. Even, at the time of expiration, they can dollarize their portfolio with the reinvestment of interest, in other projects that the company offers in that currency. A business model also known in financial parlance as “carry trade”.

This kind of “calf term” has been widely accepted by those who have already put it to the test. With an entry capital of just $500,000, this innovative project offers an annual return of 80%, with a term of 180 days.

Agricultural Trust, the 2022-2023 campaign begins and you can be part of this investment in Grain Cultivation

Starting this Monday, August 29, Agropecuaria Surmax reopens the Agricultural Trust project, starting corn sowing early and then continuing with first-class soybeans and the rest of the cereals that are normally sown until mid-December.

“The Agricultural Trust, in which today we offer an annual return of 12% in dollars, is a project that allows you to invest in the planting of corn, soybeans, sunflowers and wheat. At a term of 12 months, it is the project with the maximum rent offered in dollars. Many investors wait for this moment of the year to enter”, tells us its Financial Director, Omar De Lucca.

Compound interest to build a future capitalization system

In terms of nominal profitability, the returns offered vary between 10% and 14% per year in dollars. But they incorporate the variant of compound interest. For example, an investor in breeding cows -project that is accessed with a minimum of USD 600-, which reinvests its income coupons at maturity, is generating interest on interest, and at the end of 30 months could obtain a real estimated return of 40% in dollars, in 2 years and a half, compared to 35% nominal without reinvestment of interest.

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“If we take a lookfinancial support to this agricultural and livestock business, a person who today is 40 years old on average, knows that for at least 15/20 more years he will continue working. By investing in Surmax in the breeding cows project, for example, you can build an early retirementand at the end of that period he would withdraw a profit that grew exponentially, obtaining an income in dollars for life. In addition, it would be widely beating inflation. In summary, it is compound capitalization in kilos of meat”, explains Omar De Lucca.

How to enter the Surmax platform and what are its communication channels?

  • Web:
  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: +54 9 11 4528 4621
  • Instagram: @agrosurmax.arg

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