investments from $25,000 with estimated returns of 40% in dollars

This means that the purchasing power of Argentines decreases as the months go bybeyond what each sector may have agreed in parity for salary recomposition.

Faced with this scenario, those who can save, even for small amounts, seek different options in the market to defend their capital and not be at the mercy of the devaluation of the national currency.

The euro fell to its lowest price in two decades, almost on par with the dollar, although this is no exception. Year-on-year inflation in the United States reached 9.1% – its highest since 1981 – so those who save in this foreign currency without investing it will see their purchasing power reduced.

With no better luck, savers who opted for cryptocurrencies reduced their capital considerably after the bearish streak that demonstrated the volatility to which they are susceptible.

Nevertheless, one of the most traditional and oldest markets that exist, currently shows various benefits compared to the aforementioned options. That market is the real estate sector.historically used as financial support, but with an undeniable reality: acquiring a property requires a lot of money.

In Argentina, a local company called Crowdium introduced “real estate crowdfunding” in 2015 and allowed all savers can invest in properties from 25,000 pesos.

These are collaborative investments that allow the development of real estate projects that, after the sale and/or rental, they distribute returns proportional to the participation, for the investors.

“Investments are structured in independent trusts, so as not to take risks from other projects,” they report from the platform. As explained, these trusts are managed by a trustee, registered with the National Securities Commission, external to the company, which provides transparency and security to the process.

Crowdium was founded in 2015 with the mission of democratizing investments in one of the most stable markets: real estate. To date, they have funded 20 portfolios thanks to their more than 135,000 registered investors. Some projects already distribute monthly rents of 400 dollars.

Today Crowdium is in the last days to invest in Vaiv Belgrano, a development in the residential heart of Belgrano between Crámer and Cabildo avenues. Currently, they have already exceeded 92% of the amount necessary for the acquisition.

The company proposes to acquire well units, from 2 to 4 rooms, with a large discount compared to the market price because it is a wholesale purchase of properties.

It will be one of the largest-scale projects on a corner, with a triple lot and a unique amenities offer in the area. A neighborhood of high demand, where it is estimated to generate a total return between 30 and 40% in dollars in 36 months.

Those interested can go to the company’s platform, create an account for free and select the amount they want to invest -both in pesos and in dollars- They can also call 0800-220-2769, where a commercial advisor will offer follow-up of the process.

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