Is Raphinha from La Scaloneta? The image of the Brazilian and the sticker on his cell phone that was all the rage on the networks

Does Raphinha use a cell phone with a Leo Messi sticker?

Barcelona rearmed itself for a season in which it hopes to fight again for the Champions League and La Liga. To achieve these goals he hired a series of figures and among them is the Brazilian striker raphinhawho made a leap in quality at Leeds led by Marcelo Bielsa and then he was summoned to his selection. On his arrival at the culé team, the 25-year-old starred in an image that went viral for a detail.

Some photos of Raphinha circulated on social networks with a cell phone that has a sticker that warns the image of Leo Messi kissing the Copa America. These photos do not appear on the club and player networks, something that cast doubt on the credibility of the testimony. It was actually a video…

The material is published on the official channel of Youtube of barcahe is seen at the beginning with the azulgrana shirt and then inside an airport where he is received. There he filmed himself and said “hello culés, I’m Raphinha and I’m already in Barcelona”, and you can see said sticker on the mobile. Then the Brazilian gives the phone to another person, but it is not clear if it is his or the other person who appears on the scene.

In this capture with zoom the Copa América and the image of Leo Messi can be seen

Beyond the great football rivalry between Argentina and Brazil, it should be remembered that both teams played in the Copa América final and that the Albiceleste won 1-0 to the greenyellow in the very Maracana Stadium, which allowed to end a 28-year drought without titles in major teams and was the first for Messi at that level, after the Sub 20 world played in the Netherlands in 2005 and the gold medal won in the 2008 Beijing Olympics with the U-23 team, reinforced with some seniors like Juan roman riquelme.

The aforementioned sticker reveals the image of Leo kissing the Copa América in one of the photos that has already become an icon of that feat, since the Argentine captain is alone with the trophy and his teammates appear behind him applauding him, as if celebrating more the achievement of the rosarino crack that the group conquest.

That title allowed the Argentine team to get rid of a backpack and start playing more calmly and in fact the team led by Lionel Scalloni He solidified his game. In the following matches that the Argentine cast played in their country, the stadiums burst with the public that once again became enthusiastic about a National Team.

The iconic image of Messi kissing the Copa América and that appears on the sticker
The iconic image of Messi kissing the Copa América and that appears on the sticker

That is why it was striking that Raphinha was filmed with a cell phone that has that image, and whether it was hers or not, it was a curiosity that generated a furor on social networks and more with a Brazilian as the protagonist. The striker was not part of the squad that lost to Argentina, since he made his debut in the Scratch in August 2021.

Raphinha is a footballer born in Porto Alegre and trained at Avaí, but he made his professional debut in Portugal, where he played for Vitória and then for Sporting Lisbon. He later emigrated to France and played for Stade Rennes.

Although it was in England with the promoted Leeds United to the Premier League, the team in which he showed his best level under the orders of Loco Bielsa, who left his mark on the British cast despite his departure due to poor results. Now Raphinha will play for Barcelona, ​​the club where Lionel Messi made history and won everything.


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