“It’s a shame”: the serious accusation against More Rial

If there is one thing we can ensure in all these conflicts that occur in the Argentine show business, it is that Wanda Nara is a pioneer, and to prove these words, there is the new scandal in which she is involved more rialswho hasn’t had a good time for a while.

The information was revealed by Ángel de Brito’s program, “LAM”, which thanks to its new ‘line of gossip’ has been able to receive some new complaints, and one of these was revealed by an audio of a domestic worker from more rials, who denounces the media for not paying her or taking care of her duties as an employer.

The influencer recently aired some personal problems.

The woman even assured that every time she writes to more rials or her son’s nanny, women often “laugh in her face” and don’t even let her go to the private neighborhood of Córdoba, where Jorge Rial’s daughter has her home.

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