Jacky Bracamontes enjoys an unforgettable vacation in New York

The final stretch of summer has begun and Jacky Bracamontes He is enjoying, in the company of his family, the last moments of the funniest season of the year. After the vacations that the Fuentes Bracamontes enjoyed in Europe, where they visited cities like Paris, London and Barcelona, ​​the clan packed their bags again, this time to spend a few days in New York, where the driver, accompanied by her husband , Martín de la Fuente and his five daughters, enjoyed visiting the most emblematic sites of the Big Apple. In this outing, the presenter was also accompanied by her special guests, her parents, Mrs. Jacqueline vanHoorde you do not Jesus Bracamonteswhom we saw having great fun with their granddaughters.



Although this was not the first time that Jacky Bracamontes visited New York, it did become the driver’s most special visit, because she rediscovered the magic of the city, this time, through the eyes of her daughters who were shocked. with his visit to Ice Cream Museumwithout a doubt, one of his favorite places in the whole city: “Paradise for my girls”Bracamontes wrote as a description of a video clip in which she shared the most special images of her time in this fun place where the driver captured one of the most memorable snapshots of her five daughters: “Showing each one of her personality in this photo” Jacky wrote on her Instagram feed.


One of the most unforgettable experiences of this trip was the water tour to the Statue of Liberty. For the first time, Jacky Bracamontes enjoyed a day at sea with his family, images that he shared with his Instagram followers in an album that accompanied a text in which he expressed how special this trip was: “Definitely an unforgettable trip . I had been to NYC many times, but I have never seen the Statue of Liberty so close.. My daughters loved New York”, Jacky posted next to the most endearing images of these vacations.

Jacky Bracamontes and her family arrived in the city, early Saturday morning, around 12 at night, a situation for which we saw her daughter Carolinavery comfortable walking the streets of the Big Apple in the company of her father, Martín Fuentes: “We arrived in New York and look what time it is. My Caro preferred to walk in her pajamas because of how tired he was. Poor my little ones. emi Y Pau they also stayed up late on the trip. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. Thank you for a day full of everyone’s love and making me feel so special in these 22 years of career, ”wrote the presenter who, with this trip, celebrated her career.


Happy 22 years of success!

This visit to New York became very special because it coincided with the 22nd anniversary of the beginning of Jacky Bracamontes’ career, last Saturday, September 3, the day his fans sent him a video clip in which they toured for her career and included affectionate messages from her family dedicated to the celebrated: “How happy and blessed I feel to receive so much love from my family, friends and my fans in these 22 years of career! It has been a long road, which is built day by day, but thanks to all of you I have come here today and I have achieved each of these achievements. I love you! ”, Wrote the presenter on her Facebook account where she celebrated with all her followers.

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