Jimena Barón showed the moment when she surprised her son Momo with an unexpected gift: “He had a kind of shock”

Jimena Barón surprised her son: look at Momo’s incredible reaction

In the last hours, Jimena Baron shared his son’s reaction morrison before an expected news from the little one: a dream trip to Disney. The actress showed what the moment was like when she told Momo that they are going on vacation to the famous theme parks. But before that, the singer of “La tonta” lied to the little boy and told him that they would make a video call to organize a joint photo production.

I told Momo that we had to make a video call with some people who wanted to hire us to do a clothing campaign together. It was a lie”introduced Barón in the text with which he accompanied the publication on his Instagram account. “I gave him a surprise that has me crazy with happiness about a month ago. He had a kind of shock. It takes me until the night to believe me”, He added later regarding how the boy took the news that his mother gave him.

In addition, he told about the first preparations for the trip. “We opened the piggy bank so that he could take his own money on the trip and he was thrilled to see that he saved 3,480 pesos. I told him it’s 12 dollarsJimena joked.

Jimena Barón surprised her son Momo

“I love you son, making you happy is the best thing that happens to me in lifeIf I didn’t run out of air in space, I would lower the moon to you, ”he closed the post sweetly towards his little one.

Away from her most media profile, Jimena Baron she is happy with her present with her boyfriend Matias Palleiro and parenting morrisonresult of his previous relationship with daniel osvaldo. And, although in recent times she preferred to lower the exposure of her private life on social networks, the singer sometimes makes time to interact with her followers, who sometimes ask her questions about her intimacy.

A few weeks ago he received Instagram the query of one of his fans, who wrote to him: “Advice to let go of someone toxic”. Far from dodging the question, the former jury of The academy He was very forceful with his answer, alluding to his ex and father of his only son: “Make him a song and earn a lot of money”. With this phrase, the also actress referred to “The silly”the theme with which he launched his musical career and that was dedicated precisely to the former footballer.

The singer shared this particular moment with the child on her social networks
The singer shared this particular moment with the child on her social networks

“I am again the fool who adapts to your routine, the one who waits for you while you cook. That she is happy if she sees you and if not too. And without wanting everything I swore will never be again, she comes back to me and I repeat it over and over again. Pieces of illusion that I rescued I break again “, says the lyrics of the song he wrote when he broke up for the first time, to describe what his bond with the former Boca Juniors was. The truth is that the couple had several twists and turns and, after another bet on love, they had another break in which she launched “The Cobra”another of the topics that he dedicated to his ex.

In the first months of 2020, in the midst of a strict quarantine due to the pandemic, Momo’s parents gave themselves another chance, which would end up being the last. On that occasion, she moved into his house and they lived together with their son and her dog for almost three months. Until the relationship stopped working and they decided to put an end to their love relationship.


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