Jobs of celebrities before reaching Hollywood and reaping success and fame

Today, they are paid millions of dollars to act in a movie, they live in huge mansions and their fans will do anything to approach them for their portrait or get an autograph. But the life of many of the stars and stars of Hollywood was not always like this. These are jobs of the famous before reaching the top.

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Jobs of celebrities before coming to Hollywood

Many of them had to work low-paying jobs and be mistreated before their talent allowed them to win a place in the entertainment industry.

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Tom Hanks

Many years before winning two Oscars and receiving astronomical sums for films like The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, when he was still one of the many aspiring actors in Los Angeles, Tom made a living working as a bellman in a hotel.

At that stage, he carried from one place to another the suitcases of many celebrities, including Cher and Sidney Poitier. Surely, he was far from imagining that one day he would equal his exclusive clients in popularity.

Jennifer Aniston

She became famous in the blink of an eye since, in 1994, she began playing the character of Rachel in the hit television series Friends. But before savoring the honeys of success, she sold products over the phone.

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Harrison Ford

In the 1970s in Los Angeles, a handsome carpenter was sawing and planing wood. He was reputed to be one of the best cabinetmakers in the entire city and many clients requested his services to take charge of remodeling their homes.

From time to time, he played a small role in a movie or television series, but ended up returning to the profession that guaranteed him a livelihood.

But, finally, the young man decided to leave his profession: the world lost a good carpenter… but gained an extraordinary actor. Harrison Ford quickly became an idol thanks to his performances in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones sagas.

Celebrities who were waiters

One of the jobs most performed by future stars is that of a waiter. The reasons are several: on the one hand, it leaves them free time to go to auditions and rehearsals. On the other… if they work well and are nice, they can get generous tips that will help them pay the rent on their house.

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Antonio Banderas

A star who got out of trouble thanks to that job is Antonio Banderas. In 1981, when the now popular Spanish actor was only 19 years old, he moved from his native Malaga to Madrid to make his way in the theater.

While waiting for an opportunity to show his talent, he worked as a waiter. Fortunately, it did not take him long to be admitted as part of the cast of the National Theater of Spain. Then Almodóvar invited him to act in Laberinto de pasiones and… the rest is history.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts also served dishes to customers in an elegant restaurant in New York. Who would have imagined that, over time, that girl would transform into the adorable Pretty Woman and conquer viewers from all over the world?

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julianna margulies

Along with Julia, another young and promising actress worked in that same restaurant, Julianna Margulies, who took a few more years to make her way into film and television.

However, Julianna also prevailed and today she has in her home the Emmy and Golden Globe awards that were awarded to her for her work in the series ER and The Good Wife.

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Celebrities who worked in fast food

jennifer hudson

Before becoming known on the show American Idol, singer and actress Jennifer Hudson lived in a suburb of Chicago and worked at a Burger King.

Fortunately, her tenacity and good luck allowed her to pull through and win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls, her feature film debut.

Two other stars who also know about hamburgers, since they sold many before reaching popularity, are Queen Latifah Y Eva Longoria.

Sandra Bullock he also knows the fast food restaurant business. After studying acting at East Carolina University in North Carolina, she settled in New York determined to make her dreams of success come true.

But before she did, she had to work as a food delivery person, delivering orders to homes. Perhaps some of her clients from that time applauded her when, in February of this year, she was awarded a well-deserved Oscar for her performance in The Blind Side.

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The amazing jobs of Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt began studying journalism at Columbia University, but one day he left the classroom and headed to California with a clear goal: to become an actor.

Despite the fact that today he is considered one of the most attractive men in cinema, it was not easy for him to earn a space. Before making it big, he had to do all kinds of odd jobs.

Can you imagine this heartthrob disguised as a chicken to promote the El Pollo Loco restaurant chain? Carrying refrigerators or driving limousines?

Well, those were some of the occupations that helped him survive during that difficult stage. Little by little, doors opened for him and, in 1991, a secondary role in Thelma and Louise made everyone “discover” him and his career took off.

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