Josefina Pouso told the truth about her romance with Jorge Rial: “I didn’t feel like…”

The Intratables panelist was a guest at LAM and was asked about her relationship with the journalist. She talked about the famous trip to Europe and what happened between the two.

A few months ago there began to be talk of the beginning of the love story between Josephine Pouso Y Jorge Rial. According to the news that he released back then Yanina Torres In the apartment of LAM, Ángel de Brito’s program, the drivers had started a romance that led to a trip to Spain, where they were photographed and the link was whitened.

Shortly after that, the relationship seemed to have failed and came to an end. However, that situation was not told by its own protagonists and this Thursday, as one of the central guests that LAM had, Pouso appeared on the America program and gave his version of what happened.

Just yesterday, with de Brito on vacation, Latorre took over the post and was in charge of hosting the program. It was there that both met and referred to what happened at that time, on that trip to Europe and the photograph they took of rial Y landing together. “Among you there was a ‘we are starting something’?”released Yanina as a question.

What Josephinereferring to that approach, he replied: “It’s like when you meet someone and you’re seeing each other. It closes you or it doesn’t close you, it closes you more or less. We met a couple of times. Clearly, this whole situation is not going to let you move forward with anything and I didn’t feel like moving forward either.”.

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Although she admitted that they saw each other, the Intratables panelist commented that the events did not prosper much beyond having coincided on that trip and they did not meet again. For this reason, she did not believe that there should be talk of a ‘breakup’, since the relationship as such was never generated.

“There was no relationship to break, I did not see Jorge again since I came back. I did not go on a trip with him, I went on a trip with friends that I had already scheduled with friends for a long time and I accepted an invitation last moment with himadded landing.

To this, Tower added that a source close to the inner circle of landing He leaked the supposed trigger for which both stopped seeing each other. “Someone close to you told me that Rial told you ‘you’re hanging a little on my fame’ and didn’t want to continue”released the driver of LAM.

While Josephine replied: “Well do what I say and not what I do. Everyone knows me here, I work in this type of program, I can’t disappear after a photo with Rial came out. The truth is that I no longer want to talk to him.”.

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And he closed forcefully: “We kept talking, but then that conversation stopped. And it also has to do with one’s intention. I intend to continue advancing or I don’t feel like it. There was an exchange of messages about shutting this down that hadn’t even started. But that’s it, done. It was over and there it was. Obviously, if I see him or run into him, everything is fine.”.

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