Juan Diego Alvira and his wife on vacation in Spain and France

After having a well-deserved mid-year vacation in different cities in Europe, Juan Diego Alvira He returned to Colombia and began to report his trip like any ‘Youtuber’. But in addition to showing the destinations they visited as a family, It seems that much of his wife Ana María Escobar and his daughter María del Mar will also be seen.

In the first installment of what was the ‘Eurotrip Annie Tours’, name given by the presenter of Noticias Caracol to the trip because his wife was the one who planned and prepared everything, se saw what happened in Madrid, Spain. There was not only an unexpected change, The good attitude of the Tolimense couple before the camera was also seen.

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The good attitude of the wife of Juan Diego Alvira, a great complement for the journalist

You have to remember that Ana María is a journalist and a lawyer, so she can perfectly understand the media and also be very serious for being a ‘lawwoman’. But this time, he started creating a good atmosphere and ‘throwing a whistle’ on Juan Diego for talking about her and recording her so much.

“I was not going to be recorded on these vacations, now I see that they are recording us to the point of laughter (…) I did not expect that my legs would swell in such a frightful way, please, listen to recommendations to see what I aid. Because my legs are super swollen (laughs),” said Ana María.

After this, the woman took charge of talk about the flight change and what it meant for her to work so that the plan they had did not change much. But their good attitude, very much in the style of Alvira, reflected that they make a very good couple:

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“We are going to France, to Marseille, there we make a tour of the entire Côte d’Azur (…) And to be told ‘Flight cancelled’ and that we can travel for another two days. It was time to square one night in Madrid, one night in Barcelona, ​​to see how we do with the car, I’m sure it will end well, because vacations are vacations…”, she added in her first appearances on camera.

And when they arrived at a luxurious mall, between Juan Diego and Ana María told what they saw in a documentary about the history of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. What was striking was the conversation they had when passing through the stores of very exclusive and expensive brands:

– Juan Diego: “We are going to enter a shopping center, which seems to be the most exclusive. Let’s see what we find.

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Georgina worked in a warehouse of this level, according to the documentary that was published on Netflix, she was working like any salesperson in one of these warehouses; ‘Super nice’.

And it turns out that nothing less and nothing more than…”

– Ana María: “’Cristianisho’”.

– Juan Diego: “’El Baloto’ appeared to him”.

– Ana María: “And he fell for it, first he spent the entire warehouse and then he fell for it.”

– Juan Diego: “Uh, advertising, but what do we buy? (Laughter)”.

– Ana María: “Zero chickens”.

– Juan Diego: “Well, different times will come.”

– Ana María: “It doesn’t matter, going for a walk seems richer than having a handbag, really”.

And finally in the first video of the holidays, lThe wife of Juan Diego Alvira reflected on what the change of plans implied for that flight from Madrid to Barcelona, ​​and what it means to be on a family trip and with the best attitude.

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“When you are on vacation, anything can happen, the important thing is that you receive things as God wants you to receive them, and much more when you go with your family, with your daughter and your husband. The best attitude and we continue on vacation”, concluded the wife of Juan Diego Alvira.

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