Julieta Ortega recounted the uncomfortable situation she experienced with Jack Nicholson the day she visited him at his mansion: “It was all an ambush”

Juliet Ortega He recalled one of the most unusual anecdotes of his life: the day he accidentally ended up at the home of legendary Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson. In an interview with Everything happens (Urbana Play), the actress recalled her youth in the USA and recounted how those hours were at the home of the recognized star.

I lived alone in Los Angeles in the ’90s″, stated Ortega. “Jack Nicholson wanted to lift you up”, he pointed Clement Cancels and the actress agreed: “Exactly. I mean, I could have been a bard and you don’t know what I was. I was with another friend, locked up, we were not going anywhere, ”she assured. From her experience, the Californian city is huge, but it is very different from New York. “It’s not that you go out on the street and things happen: nothing happens. You have to go to parties, to little places, and for that you have to meet people. I didn’t know anyone, I lived locked up with my Roommate Mexican,” he explained.

Julieta Ortega spoke of the uncomfortable moment she lived in Jack Nicholson’s house

About the unforgettable night ended up by accident at Nicholson’s mansionHe reflected: “That can happen to you in Los Angeles, falling into someone’s house like that.” And she remarked: “I will not forget it in my life and on top of that there were no telephones. I was like, ‘I can’t believe I’m not going to get a picture.’ Because apart in a moment I started walking around the house and no one was seeing me, I could have photographed his whole house and sent it to all my actor friends that when I arrived they could not believe the story. And I thought, ‘I don’t have a picture!’”

Ortega said that on his tour of the home of the protagonist of The glow (1980) saw everything. “He got drugs, I saw drugs“, revealed. “He’s got gold watches, he’s got silk pajamas and slippers, and cigars. I saw everything, I saw the bathrooms, everything, everything, ”she insisted. Then she told how they got there. “We were with a friend of my friend, who said ‘we are going to stop by a friend’s house’. Later we realized that it was all an ambush, he took us to see if any were staying there -he explained-. When we found out we leftbut we spent about four hours listening to him speak, because he worked very hard to see who was coming”.

Jack Nicholson tried to seduce Julieta Ortega, according to the actress (Photo: File)File, Archive

At one point he said, ‘Get comfortable, do what you want, do you want to get in the hot tub?’ I got involved because I said ‘I have to use everything’. I went to the bathroom, I opened a drawer and there were women’s swimsuits, several to choose from, “recalled the 49-year-old actress. And she said that before she knew where they were, her friend, who knew a lot about art, noticed that the paintings hanging on the walls were original. “She told me: ‘you don’t know the art that is in this house, this is a Picasso’”, she recounted.

Julieta clarified that nothing happened and that she let him speak. “Everything he was telling was quite interesting, stories from all the movies, from about the affair with Anjelica Houstonhe remembered. Looking back, she said the event occurred in the year 2000, when she no longer lived in Los Angeles. “(Nicholson) was a little closeted, she had had a child with a waitress who lived next door and it was Thanksgiving,” she said. And she added: “It made me very sad because Thanksgiving in the United States is a very important date, it’s like Christmas Eve. And he was alone, getting highto see who would stay.

Julieta Ortega recalled her anecdote with Jack Nicholson (Photo: File)
Julieta Ortega recalled her anecdote with Jack Nicholson (Photo: File)

The signal to leave came when her friend looked at her and said “let’s go”and she obeyed him without hesitation. “The friend began to sweat because the plan failed and the other (by Nicholson) was angryHe didn’t even fire us, he stayed upstairs,” revealed Ortega.

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