July 2022 becomes the most successful month for Hollywood in almost three years

July 2022 becomes the most successful month for Hollywood in almost three years

2020 was a more than complicated year for the film industry, it actually turned into a real disaster. Hollywood and many industries around the world saw their profits dwindle due to the massive closure of theaters and the reduction in the movement of people globally. But 2022 shows a more enthusiastic outlook and that is reflected in the numbers that have been achieved in July, the month that has been declared by ABC News as the most successful in the last three years. Nothing bad.

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Although there were films that set out to be the key that would reactivate the cinema in times of pandemic, there we have the examples of Tenet (83%) and Wonder Woman 1984 (76%), it would take a long time until the cinemas had the influxes of before. This 2022 we have had great premieres like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (88%) and Top Gun: Maverick (98%), but nothing compares to what has been achieved in the month of July; the figures speak for themselves and that seems to be worth much more than any good review.

According to new information from ABC Newscommented by the analyst Paul Dergarabedian of ComscoreJuly 2022 has generated more than a billion dollars for the Hollywood box office since December 2019. This is not a surprise for those who know that last month huge premieres like Thor: Love and Thunder (76%) hit theaters. and Minions: A Villain Is Born (84%), films that became global trends and that marked a great dominance of movie theaters not only in the United States, but also in many other parts of the world.

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Thor: Love and Thunder It was, for months, one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Marvel Studios delayed the film multiple times due to the pandemic, but the premiere finally arrived and fans celebrated Odinson’s fourth adventure on the big screen. Although the reviews did not turn out to be as good as expected, the god of thunder was reason enough to gross US$662 million worldwide.

For its part, Minions: A Villain is Born became a global cinematographic event in which the performance trend became an integral part of the experience. The hashtag #GentleMinions became popular on social networks, in which members of Gen Z attended the premiere dressed elegantly, many of them in suits and ties. TikTok and other networks were filled with videos of teenagers practicing the trend and even the animation studio itself shared some of the material; the film ended up grossing $710 million, slightly more than thor 4.

But 2022 has several months and some notable premieres ahead of it. In November we will see the arrival of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the outlook looks excellent for this film. Marvel Studios intends to make it the biggest title of the year and it looks like they have enough to pull it off. Some deciding factors will be the introduction of a new Black Panther, the introduction of some long-awaited characters and the fact that this is the last adventure corresponding to phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; after it will come something completely different.

At this point, it is worth wondering if July will continue to be the best month of 2022 or if someone else will take away the title in the remaining weeks of the year.

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