Kate Middleton travels on a commercial flight with her two older children

A few days ago passengers of a commercial flight they traveled with nothing less than the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who instead of opting for, for example, a private jet, decided to use a commercial airline, like any other person, and this fact was not only documented but has earned him several praises and applause.

Kate Middleton also She was traveling with her two older children. which, it must be recognized, is significant because traveling with children can sometimes be complicated, for the simple fact that all children, due to their age, need their space, because they get bored easily and/or have so much energy, typical of this stage , that the last thing they want is to spend an entire flight sitting.

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Both the princess charlotte and the prince louisseven and four years old respectively, appear in the video that another passenger captured during the trip and later shared through the platform TikTok. In the clip, you can see from inside the plane the moment Kate Middleton and her two children disembark the plane, accompanied by a nanny and a security detail.

“On a flight to Scotland, Kate Middleton, both children, a nanny and a member of security they were 2 rows ahead of mewrote TikTok user @turbom1k3y, alongside the video where we also see the Duchess holding hands with Charlotte, who is carrying her own pink tote bag.

Likewise, the nanny carries a small suitcase and Prince Louis has a blue backpack. on their shoulders, all calmly following the path that marks the path to follow from the plane to the airport terminal.

“You could get a private plane or a helicopter, but choose something simple. Flying economy class she even got up in the middle of the flight to look for her daughter’s iPad,” wrote the person who shared the clip and in response, several more agreed that this “down to earth” attitude is applaudable.

Especially after the reality of contamination that has recently been evidenced by the criticism that has been made of public figures for ‘wasting’. Recently, for example, the amount of pollution caused by minute trips that personalities do with their own private planes, like Kylie Jenner.

However, it was not all praise for the Duchess of Cambridge and some criticized her, saying it was a ‘calculated’ choice, following the recent news that the family will move from London to Windsor, where her eldest children will start a new school in September, so that Kate Middleton, her husband the prince william and their children now have one more residence to live in, something that some people have described as negative.

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