Keanu Reeves will star in the miniseries The Devil in the White City, with production by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio

After years of seeking to finalize this project, it finally has the green light The devil in the white city ”(”The devil in the white city”), a fiction that will be produced by the actor Leonardo Dicaprio next to the director Martin Scorsese. The protagonist of this story will be played by Keanu Reeves who, in this way, takes charge of his first large-scale television project.

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio will produce the miniseries starring Keanu Reeves.AFP PHILIPPE DESMAZES – Archive

Based on the book written by Erik Larson, The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed AmericaHere is the story of Doctor HH Holmes, who is considered America’s first serial killer. At the end of the 19th century, Holmes was the great person behind the creation of the so-called murder castle (“Murder Castle”), an ambitious architectural project. In that building, which consisted of three floors and more than 100 rooms, all kinds of secret traps were hidden that allowed the murderer to kill his victims without leaving a trace.. The vast majority of these rooms had no windows and were soundproofed, and were connected by a gas pipe, which allowed the man to kill at will. As a way to hide the crimes from him, Holmes hired several architects to draw different parts of the building so that none of them would have a complete map of the building.

One of the architects linked to the construction was the prestigious Daniel H. Burnham (played by Reeves), responsible for designing some of the first skyscrapers in the United States. And in the year 1893, during the Chicago World’s Fair, Burnham will try to leave his mark in the framework of a job that will change his life forever.

Erik Larson's book, which will come in the form of a miniseries, and which tells the story of America's first serial killer.
Erik Larson’s book, which will come in the form of a miniseries, and which tells the story of America’s first serial killer.Capture

The devil in the white city It is a title that Di Caprio has been running for more than 10 years. The actor bought the rights to that book in 2010 and fought tirelessly to bring that story to the movies with him as the lead. One of the filmmakers who directed it the most, Martin Scorsese, joined the project, but the initiative did not prosper. Now it will finally arrive in miniseries format on the Hulu streaming platform, with Keanu Reeves in the lead role and sam shawrecognized for his work on the scripts of Masters of Sex, Manhattan Y rock castlein the role of showrunner.

Keanu Reeves is going through a great personal and work moment
Keanu Reeves is going through a great personal and work momentGROSBY GROUP

Throughout his career, Reeves participated in several television projects. His debut as a professional actor was in 1984, in an episode of a series called holding on and, during the following years, he worked in small roles in different series. In 1990 she gave her voice to the animated series based on the film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventuresthis being his last role for the small screen, for years. It was only in 2009 that she returned for an episode of the comedy easy to assemble. Her last role in a series was in 2016, in numerous episodes of swedish cocks.

for now, The devil in the white castle It doesn’t have a release date.

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