King Juan Carlos escapes from Abu Dhabi and reappears in Switzerland: who is behind this unusual trip

The King Juan Carlos has come out of his sad and lonely isolation in Abu Dhabi, he took a plane and like a curtain that goes down and up, he reappears this time in Switzerland, but not alone, because the Infanta Elena Meets him. On this occasion, there is no reason to doubt it, the evidence is more than conclusive and has been published by ‘The Digital Closure’ in an exclusive publication.

It happened this Tuesday, August 29, at approximately 8:00 p.m. The Emeritus was caught on his arrival at the ‘Four Seasons Des Bergues’ hotel in Geneva after staying completely away from media activity throughout the summer and this can only be suspicious, since both the ex-sovereign and his eldest daughter have traveled to the Swiss country where the Infanta Cristina is residing, and right now when the deliberations on her notorious divorce with Urdangarin are resuming.

The King Juan Carlos arrives in Switzerland, and was exclusively captured by the cameras of ‘The Digital Closure’.

Regarding the presence of the youngest daughter of the King Juan CarlosThe aforementioned medium had no way of confirming whether she attended this family meeting or not, since she was not seen at the scene. In any case, the possibility remains open that if it has not happened yet, it will be Cristina herself who decides to approach the premises where her father is staying, once her work commitments at the Aga Khan Foundation are over. .

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