L-Gante accused Cande Tinelli of criticizing his father Marcelo for how he dances: “He said you were made of iron”

L-Gante accused Cande Tinelli of criticizing his father for how he dances (Video: El Trece)

In a new appearance in his role as a jury of sing with me now (The thirteen), L-Ghent returned to star in another hilarious moment after the performance of a participant and motivated by the charisma of Marcelo Tinellialways attentive to what happens in the “air” of their shows to transform it into a fun scene.

It is that after the rock standard “Route 66″ was played (versioned by so many artists throughout history, from berry chuck a depeche modegoing by daddythe rolling rocks, paranoid mice either Natalie Cole), the icon of cumbia 420 admitted to being moved by the electricity of the song. “I would love to know how to dance rock with everything. I’m made of wood, I’m just like you… She told me”, L-Gante told Tinelli while pointing up, where it was located Cande Tinelli.

Me? Nope!!!”, was her reaction, detaching herself from the accusation in a style Ramon Diaz. “He told me in a story, dancing, when we did the little step...”, Elián Valenzuela put into context, about when he received that comment from Cande, which outraged his father.

L-Gante is one of the 100 jurors of Sing with Me Now

Can not be…”, said Tinelli and climbed onto the balcony where his second daughter was to face her before the accusation. “No, Marce, not back…”, Coti Sorokin, Cande’s boyfriend, tried to stop him when he saw his father-in-law nearby. “My daughter, did you tell her that I dance badly? What am I a mess?”, the driver asked the daughter of Soledad Acuña.

What does it cost you, capable”, she finally acknowledged. “He said you were made of iron”, limited L-Ghent from below, as if to throw more fuel on the fire. But Cande stood out when her father questioned him: “that you are made of iron, strong”, closed Micaela’s sister with humor.

This Monday had been the debut of the cumbia 420 singer in the reality show and he revolutionized the studio, to the point of falling in love with one of his companions on the jury. Occurred after the participant Angie Carrasco sing “yesterday” Gloria EstefanTinelli went to consult the vote of some of the judges and L-Gante turned everything upside down, albeit unintentionally.

The driver went to ask Ana Devin why she had not voted in favor of the singer’s performance and she replied: “I’m a bit in one…”. “Sorry? What does it mean to ‘be in one’?”, Tinelli wanted to decipher. “I am very confused by the presence of L-Ghent”, she confessed. “Do you like it?” Marcelo wanted to know. “a lot of things happen to me…” Devin went on, flushed and inhibited.

L-Ghent captive a jury of Canta Conmigo Now that he could not give his return

Right there, Tinelli went to where the singer was and reproduced Ana’s comment: “He says a lot of things happen to him…”. “What is going through Ana’s head??” L-Ghent replied, prompting the driver to turn back to where she was. “What is going through your head?” Marcelo asked him. “I don’t know, idiot, my heart is beating,” she replied, totally nervous. “Boluda, tell me what’s wrong with you,” the driver continued the game.

I feel a deep admiration and I get nervous, I tremble and I can’t look at the participant, because I look to the side all the time, and I’m going to fence her…”, admitted Devin, completely attracted by the figure of the singer. Then, Tinelli repeats the entire comment to L-Gante, as if it were a secret that no one heard. “You don’t say anything that I told you, eh”, she asked him. “Shhhh, that later they wait for me with the belt”, answered Elián in a low voice and arousing laughter, due to the reference to his relationship with Tamara Báez.

Devin waved his hands near his face, as if fanning himself. “the heat rises?” asked Marcelo. “Ufff, yes, it makes me hot…”, she confirmed and then stumbled when she tried to give the participant a return, even under the effects of the attraction to L-Ghent. “It’s amazing what it generates, did you see?”, Tinelli pointed out. “In me and in many people”, she closed.


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