L-Gante debuted in the jury of Canta Conmigo Ahora and fell in love with one of her companions

The reception of L-Ghent to the jury of Canta Conmigo Ahora (Video: El Trece)

After a long tour and a few days off, L-Ghent returned to television and again captivated those around him. In this case, in the Monday broadcast of sing with me now (El Trece) when the cumbia 420 singer was welcomed by Marcelo Tinelli when joining the jury of the reality.

Thank you for inviting me, Marcelo. Here we are as always, late but sure”, greeted Elián Valenzuela, who arrives at the panel of 100 jurors a week after the premiere. “I love having you here because you are a benchmark for young Argentine music, this culture that is exported and reaches all parts of the world. You just arrived from Mexico…”, praised the driver. “I spend 10 here. But there is something that happens to me every time I come: when I arrive, they have me explain like this… on top of that I’m crazy, I have to catch it on the fly”, Said the singer and aroused the first laughs on the set.

Here, when you like a participant, you have to vote and you stop. today’s is easy”, explained Tinelli briefly. A while later and after the participant Angie Carrasco sing “yesterday” Gloria EstefanTinelli went to consult the vote of some of the judges and L-Gante turned everything upside down, albeit unintentionally.

The driver went to ask Ana Devin why she had not voted in favor of the singer’s performance and she replied: “I’m a bit in one…”. “Sorry? What does it mean to ‘be in one’?”, Tinelli wanted to decipher. “I am very confused by the presence of L-Ghent”, she confessed. “Do you like it?” Marcelo wanted to know. “a lot of things happen to me…” Devin went on, flushed and inhibited.

L-Ghent captive a jury of Canta Conmigo Now that he could not give his return

Right there, Tinelli went to where the singer was and reproduced Ana’s comment: “He says a lot of things happen to him…”. “What is going through Ana’s head??” L-Ghent replied, prompting the driver to turn back to where she was. “What is going through your head?” Marcelo asked him. “I don’t know, idiot, my heart is beating,” she replied, totally nervous. “Boluda, tell me what’s wrong with you,” the driver continued the game.

I feel a deep admiration and I get nervous, I tremble and I can’t look at the participant, because I look to the side all the time, and I’m going to fence her…”, admitted Devin, completely attracted by the figure of the singer. Then, Tinelli repeats the entire comment to L-Gante, as if it were a secret that no one heard. “You don’t say anything that I told you, eh”, she asked him. “Shhhh, that later they wait for me with the belt”, answered Elián in a low voice and arousing laughter, due to the reference to his relationship with Tamara Báez.

Devin waved his hands near his face, as if fanning himself. “the heat rises?” asked Marcelo. “Ufff, yes, it makes me hot…”, she confirmed and then stumbled when she tried to give the participant a return, even under the effects of the attraction to L-Ghent. “It’s amazing what it generates, did you see?”, Tinelli pointed out. “In me and in many people”, she closed.

L-Gante received a praise from another jury of Canta Conmigo Ahora

And the phrase was confirmed in some of the jurors who subsequently interacted with the driver. “I want to say that things also happen to me with L-Ghent, but better not, because it would be a lot of weight for that bed”, joked Nacho Mintz. “Do things happen to you with L-Ghent too? Because you have it next to you”, Tinelli asked Antonella Cirillo, who touched the location next to the cumbiero. “Ehh, look Marcelo…”, she began by saying and slightly nodding her head.

There, Tinelli gave the microphone back to L-Gante and he revealed the key to his lift. “I already realized because, I already know what it is… The set is. Because the other time I came in a suit and nobody told me anything”, said the singer and aroused laughter when referring to his outfit sporty, in a different style from when he was a judge at the last ShowMatch gala in 2021. “Now I come just like that, look,” he said and unbuttoned two jackets and revealed a black and white soccer jersey with his face stamped of car maplelegendary cumbia singer. “Ahh very good. Now you came like this, you don’t have to come in a suit anymore. And that happens to the girls, you mobilize them”, approved Marcelo.


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