La Liendra showed the luxurious room in which she stayed during her vacation: “I deserve it”

La Liendra, Colombian influencer. Photo: Instagram @la_liendraa

I’m here to tell you something that I thought I would never tell you… I’m leaving, I’m leaving social networks, I feel a bit saturated, I feel a bit tiredbut because I have also worked a lot. I want to be with myself, I want to find myself, I want to learn from myself”, was part of what was expressed by the nit in the middle of this month of August from their social networks.

This is how the content creator announced that he would go on a trip abroad with the aim of reconnecting with himself and planning new goals in his life. In addition, he also stressed that he would travel alone and, although he did not specify his destination, he gave some clues as to where he could spend a few days off: Aruba, Miami, Cancun or Panama. Apparently it was Cancun, Mexico.

Now, after seven days have passed, Mauricio Gómez -his first name- has already concluded his vacation and, therefore, he returned to be present on social networks. In this way, he wanted to share with all his followers – now that he is back in his house in Colombia – some of the moments he spent in his short period of rest and reconnection with his own being. In fact, he didn’t overlook showing off the lavish presidential suite in which he stayed.

As soon as he entered the huge room, one of the first things he showed was a large sofa on which he commented: “Here we have like a chair that is bigger than my bed.” The room also had a kitchen, an interior and an exterior room, a swimming pool, a paradisiacal view, among other things.

“I think I exaggerated, something too big, but I deserve it, I’ve worked and I’m up for more”, highlighted the content creator after seeing all the luxuries he had in his hotel room.

Last Sunday, August 21, the content creator realized that during this vacation time he had the following plans to make: “This trip has three purposes: The first is to rest, to do nothing… Second: to make my map of dreams and, three, reading a book during these days, complete”.

In this order of ideas, the Quindian showed that the book he read was ‘The white book of Ramtha’. “This book taught me and helped me understand that God is within me and that with the power of creation that he as Creator has, I can create what I wanted from my heart”wrote in an InstaStorie.

On the other hand, La Liendra was also shown enjoying the sea, the gastronomy of the place, received massages, meditated, among other activities.

La Liendra during your luxury vacation.  Photo: Instagram Stories @la_liendraa
La Liendra during your luxury vacation. Photo: Instagram Stories @la_liendraa

How could it be otherwise, the content creator did not miss the opportunity to record a video from the place of his rest. The man from Quindío, beyond giving his public material focused on humor, also makes motivational publications and this was the case.

In this way, he shared a video in which he mentioned:

“We human beings have a super power, a secret weapon that if we know how to use it, we break it, but if we don’t use it as it is, it can sink us and even destroy us. … do you know what I’m talking about? of thought. Everything you have experienced has been because it was first created in your mind, so let’s try to have good thoughts, stop creating bad situations, don’t think that your girlfriend is going to break up with you, don’t think that you are going to be fired from your job, don’t think he’s going to get sick… Try to have clean thoughts, stop thinking about what you don’t want to happen…

La Liendra’s message to his followers from his vacation


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