La Renga canceled the shows she had planned at Tecnópolis: the reasons

La Renga will not perform on August 20 and 27 at Tecnópolis, as announced

This week the lame shared a statement on their social networks, where they confirmed that The recitals scheduled for August 20 and 27 at Tecnópolis are suspended. As they have done on other occasions, the band led by Gustavo Chizzo Nápoli clarified the reasons why they will not be able to make the presentationsin addition to announcing their next dates in Baradero, Rosario and Uruguay.

It all started in mid-July, when they invited fans to their upcoming shows at the venue, and just a few days later explained why tickets had not yet gone on sale, just as they anticipated. “Due to the administrative delay in the delivery of the prior permit intentionally caused by the Municipality of Vicente López, failing to comply with all the deadlines set forth in its regulations, we were forced for this reason to postpone the sale,” said the group two weeks ago. .

The first statement published by La Renga at the end of July, before the dates in Tecnópolis were suspended
The first statement published by La Renga at the end of July, before the dates in Tecnópolis were suspended

They had also closed the message with the phrase: “I’m pointing you with a song”, a phrase from the musical theme “Flecha en la clave”, and they questioned the municipality of Vicente López: “We as a band cannot break the rules that they themselves break, but much less harm our people.”. On Tuesday the group put an end to expectations and uncertainty with a forceful post.

“Tecnópolis informed us that the conditions are not right, according to them, to hold the banquets on that property as planned”reported in a post they shared on Instagram and Twitter. Again, they accompanied the image with a phrase from their song “Tripa y corazón”, of symbolic value about the future: “For the bad there will be a better one”.

The official confirmation that they will not appear at the Vicente López property
The official confirmation that they will not appear at the Vicente López property

“See you in Baradero on August 27, Rosario on September 24 and Uruguay on October 8”concluded, to invite their fans to join the following dates. In the comments there were all kinds of reactions, from the disappointment of those who expected the meeting to take place, to those who assured that they would travel to the city of Santa Fe to see them.

This outcome is added to a list of previous inconveniences: in April a controversy had arisen around the series of recitals that La Renga had planned at the Diego Armando Maradona Single Stadium in La Plata; and in May they had to pre-schedule another date in the city of the diagonals due to a feverish condition of one of the members.

Anyway, the group made up of Chizzo, Tete and Tanque Iglesias and Manu Varela continues with the presentations of off the gridthe new studio album They launched last February. The shows that they are preparing include “Buena pipa” and “Parece un casi lost”, two of the songs from the latest album, as well as a mix made up of more novelties: “Flecha en la clave”, “So that I can see”, “Away from the network” and “The time has come”. There is also no lack of classics from all its eras, such as “By your side”, “A load my rock and roll”, “When they will come” and “The end is where I left”, among others. And as they usually do to close all their “banquets”, they say goodbye with “Speaking of freedom”.


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