La Trochita de Buenos Aires: the most picturesque historical train that offers a trip to the past and can be visited for $300

If you are a fan of trains and you like to learn about history, you cannot miss going to see The Trochita of Buenos Aires. It is the most picturesque historical train that offers a trip to the past and that you can visit from $ 300.

Like the “old Patagonian express” in Bariloche, Buenos Aires has its own version of in Trochita and is located less than an hour from the heart of the City.

Some of the old trains of the Ferroclub de Remedios de Escalada.

What can be seen?

The Argentine Railway Club of Climbing Remedies offers a journey through the 165 years of history of the railways in Argentina and it has in its facilities from modest steam locomotives to luxurious cars of national manufacture. In addition, the place has a museum and is located just 15 kilometers from the obelisk.

Other attractive proposals to visit are the library with historical books of the trains and the famous dining carwhere you can enjoy a delicious snack and spend a different afternoon.

The dining car has a vintage atmosphere and offers tables for up to four people so that they can enjoy some of the delicacies that they offer while appreciating the view that the place offers.

Although all its tourist attractions are charming, the star of the place is La Trochita, the little train that travels 300 meters so that children and adults can enjoy it.

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Where is it and how to get there?

The railway club is located in the Avenue September 29 to 3675 in the Buenos Aires town of Lans700 meters from the Remedios de Escalada station.

For those traveling by car, the 15 kilometers from the obelisk to the train can be covered in half an hour. Those who go by public transport, the groups that pass in front of the club entrance are 79, 160, 177 and line 179.

How much is the ticket?

To enter the Ferroclub it is not necessary to make prior reservations, tickets are purchased at the door of the place and the entrance fees vary according to age:

  • Children under 4 years old do not pay admission.

  • Children from 4 to 12 years old pay $300.

  • Over 12 years old $500.

  • Senior admission is $300.

The ticket to get on the La Trochita train and enjoy your tour costs only
$50 per person. It should be clarified that the values ​​provided are for the month of August, due to the increase in inflation they could vary.

What days can you go?

The dates for this historical tour are from Saturday to Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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