La Voz Argentina: Lali Espósito recreated the meme of one of the most remembered reality fights

Lali Esposito recalled an old fight between two participants of La Voz Argentina last year (Video. Telefe)

Lali Esposito is perhaps the coach who stands out the most for her humor in The Argentine Voice. With her sympathy, the singer transforms a simple return into funny situations that tempt everyone present in the studio. And this Sunday was no exception, when recalled one of the most tense and uncomfortable situations that were experienced in the 2021 season of reality.

It all started when the interpreter of “Discipline” had to give the verdict of the battle of his team, in which the participants faced each other vanessa enriquez Y Yanela Toscano. “Who continues in La Voz, in the Lali team, is… Yanela,” she announced.

After the applause, the winner was full of praise for her partner, and Marley He limited: “It’s good that this year everyone got along perfectly.” So the former Almost angels couldn’t help but compare that situation to a totally opposite one that happened in 2021, when the contestants jessica amicucci Y hope careri they confessed to having a very bad relationship during rehearsals. “Oh yeah, it’s a good thing this year it wasn’t ‘can I say something?’”expressed Lali, imitating Amicucci’s tone when last year he faced his partner and became a meme that went viral on social networks.

Esposito’s comment made everyone burst out laughing. “No, she said ‘can I say something?’, but it was very positive,” he said. Soledad Pastorutti in reference to Yanela, something with which Lali coincided. “He vindicated the phrase”hill Mau Montanerfunny.

The fight between Jéssica Amicucci and Esperanza Careri in La Voz Argentina 2021 (Video: Telefe)

In the 2021 edition, Jessica and Esperanza starred in one of the battles of Mau and Rickybut the presentation failed. The theme chosen by both for that challenge had been “Love at the top”a success of Beyonce of the year 2011. But the face of the jury was disfiguring as the song progressed. At the time of the returns, the four coaches were very severe due to the poor performance of the two, which motivated Amicucci’s reaction: “Can I say something? Honestly, I’m not used to singing this song in that key. And it was very hard to work. Can I be honest? If she was very nervous, she also had to do with it. It was very difficult”. “Are you saying it because of the song?” Ricky asked. And, to everyone’s surprise, the young woman dismissed herself saying: “No, it was difficult to work together. There were two rehearsals where she didn’t want to sing. And me, even if I’m sick, I go and sing the same”.

Faced with this, Esmeralda had tried her defense: “I really I am very allergic and, when I arrived in Buenos Aires, I was speechless. And Feli, who was advising us, told me: ‘I prefer that you don’t sing in these first rehearsals -because we had two more- so you’ll be okay afterwards. It’s many days away from home. The only thing I did was review it (the song) but marking it”. “But you called her and you wanted, even if it was the distance from her, to review her?” Lali asked him. “I told her, but she told me that she preferred not to talk to me …”, the participant replied on that occasion.

The funniest memes of Lali imitating Jéssica Amicucci, the 2021 participant who faced her battle partner

At that moment, Ricky stood up and took the floor again to point out to Jéssica that, in the parts where she sang alone, she had also made mistakes. “But it’s different to have a good vibe,” she insisted. To which Mau added: “I am a guy who always leans more than for talent, for the type of person who are those who are standing there in front. I know you two are good people. I also know we’re on a show where you possibly feel like you’re fighting for your life in your music career. I get it. And I understand that things are not always as you want. What’s more, I’m going to give you news that you may not like, but most of the time things will not be the way you like them.”

Finally, at that time the Venezuelan brothers decided that he would continue in his team Esperanza. However, their father touched the red button and “stole” Jessica, who from that moment on would continue on her team. “If I’m in this chair tonight, it’s because someone once gave me a second chance.”, Ricardo had said to justify his decision.


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