La Voz Argentina: Mau and Ricky thought they heard a “gas” and starred in an uncomfortable moment

When giving refunds to the participants of The Argentine Voice (Telephone)the jury always behaves respectfully and tries to remain serious. Nevertheless, an unexpected situation caused Mau and Ricky if they tried this tuesday when it was time to comment on the performance of two contestants. The reason? A supposed eschatological noise that was heard on the air.

It all happened when Soledad Pastorutti was evaluating Nicolás Robul and Thomas Spagnol, who performed “I feel much better.” Suddenly, the Montaner brothers could not contain their laughter and Lali Esposito he did not hesitate to send them to the front.

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“I know what they laugh at. People have to know: we have In-ears, so we hear the same as our colleagues, and there was a sound like gas. It must have been the leather of the armchair of one of us and these two children got like this, “explained the interpreter of” Discipline “.

Hearing that argument, La Sole put a little more spice to the matter and inquired: “Sorry… and what is the smell due to?”. And quickly, Lali looked at the Montaners and asked them: “Did they really shit?”.

Finally, between laughs, Ricky clarified that he could not contain his laughter when he saw that his brother had also been surprised by the noise. “I apologize, we always laugh at times when we shouldn’t. It was because of that bullshit, but I do see Ricky like that, I can’t stopMau remarked.

Marley missed Ricardo Montaner’s real name and the musician was shocked: “Farsante”

Ricardo Montaner was the protagonist of an uncomfortable moment in The Argentine Voice. At the end of one of the battles, Lali Esposito He asked his classmates if they knew that his real name is Mariana, and after a Chicana from the singer, forced him to say his real name.

“I thought your name was Lali. What a disappointment”, commented the interpreter, and she went to the bone: “You are not Montaner either”. That was when Marley screwed up and shot: “It’s Héctor”. “How?” Asked Marlene Rodríguez’s husband, who later acknowledged that her parents named him Hector Edward.

The jury of La Voz Argentina was surprised by the driver’s attitude.

The one who felt victorious with the debate was Ricky Montanerwho got up from his chair to clarify that he is Ricardo, the true and only one of the family.

In several interviews, the singer born in Avellaneda said that It was his producer’s idea that he stop being Héctor to become Ricardo. Faced with the need for a powerful stage name, he decided to leave his mother’s last name, Montaner, despite the fact that he is Reglero.

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