Lali Espósito’s harsh message to two participants on her team: “I wouldn’t keep any”

Lali Espósito’s harsh comment to her Team in La Voz

In The Argentine Voice 2022 (Telefe) the battles between the participants are taking place. On Monday’s broadcast, Lali Esposito complained about the performance of two members of his team: Julieta Silberberg and Micaela Sabra, for the interpretation of the theme “Baby Can I Hold You” by Tracy Chapman.

After returns of Ricardo Montaner, Soledad Pastorutti and the brothers Mau and RickyThe interpreter of “Discipline” gave a forceful message: “I, unlike my classmates, am not going to be so loving. I have another task with you and that’s why I’m here. I understand the nerve, this is going to sound really bad and I don’t want it to be bad vibes. But they were not up to the task at all, not in the program at this time, not in the team and not with their teammates that they have within the team.”

“None of them came to earn their place on the show. We had listened with Alex Ubago rehearsal and we were thrilled because they had done well. I understand the nerves but we are at a decisive moment and I say this with all the respect in the world because they both sing beautifully: today I would not stay with any”, assured Lali, forcefully. “It’s horrible, but the name he says is going to make me worry. I don’t know if they’re going to be ready for what’s next. The voice It is very demanding”, added the actress.

Lali Espósito’s harsh comment to Julieta Silberberg and Micaela Sabra (screenshot)

Before announcing which of the two participants would continue in the program, the coach gave a warning to Julieta and Micaela: “This program is a school at a thousand an hour for those who have never been on stage. I want whoever stays to be hyper-aware that he has to be there for this”.

In addition, the coach stated: “I don’t know what they were doing before leaving, but none aired the song. And there is something that nothing can buy: when someone transmits, something happens in space. Richard started talking and didn’t know what to say because nothing was broadcast.”. Later, Lali stated: “I can’t get over not broadcasting, least of all with a song like this by Tracy Chapman”.

Ultimately, Esposito chose Juliet Silverberg for the next instance of knockouts in the successful talent reality show hosted by Marley in Telefe’s prime time. Later, the 30-year-old artist took the opportunity to tell about her struggle to have a successful career in show business: “Many people don’t know it, but I’ve been working since I was a girl and many times some teacher I had in front of me, director, director , producer or producer, has marked things for me so as not to go to a half-measure stage ”.

“I worked for many years with Cris Morena and I learned a lot that from a rehearsal to a performance life and vein are left, and you have to do it like the last time you are going to do it,” said the singer. “The performance was not up to par and I hope they take it well. Especially for Mica that she does not continue in the program and has a great future”, Lali finished.


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