Lanús allocated more than 2 million pesos for a trip to Paris by the Secretary of Culture

The municipality of Lanús, which leads Nestor Grindettiissued a decree authorizing the payment of the sum of $2,087,187.50 to the Secretary of Culture and Creative Development, Thelma Vivoniby pay all the expenses of a trip to ParisFrance, within the framework of the international art exhibition “Art Shopping”.

The context of this trip is the program led by the municipal secretary “Lanús travels to Paris“, where they select artists from Lanus to take their work to one of the capitals of art in the old continent. Of course: artists do not travel, Vivoni and Diego Reale (director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the South) travel on their behalf with that budget assigned to them, where they include travel expenses, lodging and transfers.

In tune with Cristina Kirchner, Néstor Grindetti asked to eliminate the intermediation of social plans

“You have until August 21 to participate in our contest Lanús travels to Paris. For the third consecutive year we bring artists from Lanús so that they can participate in the most important International Art Fair in Europe, in the Louvre carousel. Don’t miss out on participating, You have the opportunity to be among the best in the world. We are waiting for you, merci (thank you in French),” Vivoni posted on his networks.

Who is Thelma Vivoni?

Vivoni has been in the Grindetti government since the beginning of his term in Lanús, back in the 2015. and since long ago three years that each year Vivoni travels around Europe thanks to this program. “Three years ago, Lanús, through the secretary of culture, has been taking local artists to exhibit at the international art fair in Paris at the Carrousel del Louvre”, the municipality confirmed to PROFILE.

“They travel on behalf of the municipality that participates in the exhibition. It’s an official visit. It is not the first time that it happens, there are congresses, bilateral meetings. At the national, provincial and municipal level“, they added.

Reinaldo Cortez, winner of the contest last year.

“I am married and the mother of two children. I received a Bachelor of Administration from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). I worked for many years as director of Community Relations in the Government Administration of Public Revenues of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (AGIP)”, says its description on the official website of the municipality.

Néstor Grindetti: “The country is a ship adrift and no one takes the helm”

“I am convinced of the central importance of culture and training in our social fabric, since they constitute the pillars that form the basis of our future. On a daily basis, we work intensely to interconnect the different educational, artistic and cultural activities, with the aim to ensure that Lanús is the cradle of new products and true references at the local level, ensuring that Culture transforms reality to grow and to build citizenship”, he points out.

Grindetti and criticism of social plans

In the midst of this controversy, it is worth remembering that the mayor a month and a half ago had published a letter in which he asked to decentralize the social plans and that they be administered by the municipalities.

The administration of social assistance should be decentralized to the municipalitiesIn this way intermediation is eliminated and the social plan reaches directly the neighbor who needs it, in return a task must be carried out for the community. Cutting off the streets is no longer an option,” said the community chief of Lanús.


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