Laura Fidalgo: the memory of the Moulin Rouge, why she can’t dance again and her desire to start a family

laura fidalgo say what one day in your life is never the same as another. “Always,” she remarks. Dancer, actress, producer of many shows and creator of her dance and art school that came to have 14 branches throughout the countrythe artist wakes up very early in the morning, because she doesn’t like to be in bed, and starts with her daily activities, but not before drinking mate (“I’m addicted!”).

“Then I fix my house, I go to the supermarket and buy for my studio, for my house and for my parents. I go to visit them first, then I go to my school and do whatever is necessary. The other day the bathroom flooded and I cleaned, flushed, called the plumber and after all that I was able to teach a class. I have been studying dance for 15 years. Daily routines bore me although I do have a lot of discipline. Now I train very little because I can’t, but I do everything. I get bored easily, I have a very free spirit, ascendant and moon in Aquarius, I always seek to grow”, says Laura.

What he doesn’t like is cooking, “so I open two cans of tuna, a hard-boiled egg and a salad. Cooking bores me, I know how to do it because I had to learn as a girl. I am off-road ”, she synthesizes. She also trains and her inspirational muses for the activity are two very different ones: Madonna and Rocky Balboa, the character played by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky.

In dialogue with THE NATIONLaura Fidalgo reviews her life and dwells on her bond with her parents, her time at the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, the day the Virgin appeared to her and the way she got to her first car, in a Marcelo Tinelli program.

-You say you are off-road, was it always like this or did you have to learn?

I am a woman of action more than words and I know that I came to this life to solve, but I also understand that it is one who puts himself in that place. When I was very young I wanted to support my family, my mom, my dad and my brother, who are number one in my life. My goal was always to get ahead to give them everything I long for. My mother is a lifelong worker, she had a multi-sector business in which she sold haberdashery, bazaar, perfumery, everything. And my dad was a radiologist at YPF and he was also a great basketball player. In the 70s my parents had an ice cream parlor in San Telmo, from the Macri ice cream distributor and they merged with El Rodrigazo. The effort of my parents was very engraved on me. I went to Our Lady of Mercy from kindergarten to 5th grade, my brother to the Marianist School from kindergarten to 5th grade. We went to the club, to private English, I to dance, my brother to rugby, but all with a great family effort.

-You sucked at putting your life on your shoulder and rowing…

Yes, but always with a smile. I greatly admire my mother, who is very optimistic, she instilled metaphysics in me a lot and she told me: ‘you can’. She made me write affirmations and decrees, read books by Louis Hay… I had a notebook that I kept under my mattress and I wrote what I wanted, always in a big way. My mom told me to visualize how I would like to see myself, and I told her that in the marquees, dressed like this, made up like this. At night he prayed, wrote in a notebook, gave thanks and put it under the mattress. It is not miraculous, it is something of every day. And of course, I also admire my dad. How you motivate your children is key because bad advice can frustrate you for life.

Laura Fidalgo started dancing at the age of 3 and never stoppedKindness Laura Fidalgo

-And from one of those affirmations that you wrote you got to the marquees of Corrientes street and to open your dance school?

-It’s a combination of everything. I love what I do and I believe that in all my lives I will choose art because it is my salvation. I believe in reincarnation and that everything is written, from when you arrive until you leave. I have been dancing since I was 3 and a half years old because they took me to an academy in Flores, four blocks from my house, and I never stopped.

-Today you also write affirmations and visualize yourself?

– I no longer have the habit or the perseverance of then. Art and sport are healers, they free you. You cannot go through this life without discovering what your mission is, your passion. And I know that through dance and art I have helped a lot.

-It’s been four years since you’ve been on stage, why?

-I did let’s have sex in peaceon tour. At the same time, she was on the jury at the Dancingand in the summer season I was in the show of the horns. And that was the last work I did. After the pandemic I dedicated myself to taking care of my parents, because my dad has health problems. They have been together for 60 years. and I have a brother who is the love of my life, who has a degree in tourism. My sister in law too, she is beautiful. She is a neonatologist and pediatrician. And I have three amazing nephews who I love. The first thing is the family and my profession. I postponed family and children because I wanted to get mine and my career forward and I am passionate.

Laura with her mom and brother
Laura with her mom and brotherKindness Laura Fidalgo

-Did you put aside forming your own family or was it not a wish?

-Nerd. I love being in a couple and I have had long relationships, I am not from touch and go. I want a pair. And right now I’m alone. Five months ago I cut a relationship that did not fulfill me. I’m having so many battles… I tore the cruciate ligaments in both legs and it’s not like before.

-It was in Dancing for a Dream?

-It happened to my leg during the Dancing and the other with an ex-boyfriend, in Miami: we were riding a bicycle that brakes against the pedal, I fell and broke. And in 2018 I had surgery on the other leg.

Can you dance again?

-No. I can’t turn and jump, for example. I can move, but I’ve been a dancer since I was three and a half years old and it was always all or nothing in my life. I can’t dance like that. I leave my soul and heart in each function. I remember that when we did three performances of some works, the producer told me: “Save a little energy”. And no, I always give everything. When I finish a function, I take a shower, take my dunks, change and go back to the court to give everything again. Before I broke up, I got up at 7:30, went to train at 9, rehearsed what I had to dance and then went to the theater. He didn’t stop dancing. And as a producer I generated The Coming Deluge, Rapunzel, Argentinian Brunette, Snow White and the Tree House. I came to have 14 dance studios throughout the country. Today one works in Belgrano and another in Bahía Blanca. And the idea is to have franchises in the interior and also in Uruguay and Paraguay.

With Enrique Pinti, in Pinti Sings Las 40"in 1999
With Enrique Pinti, in Pinti Sings Las 40″, in 1999JUAN PABLO MALDOVAN

-The first job that gave you popularity was with Enrique Pinti?

-I’ve been in the middle for 30 years and yes, with Enrique I did Pinti sings 40 and Maipo turns 90. Before Lino Patalano discovered me and took me to work with Pinti, I worked in Tato of America, in Good Show, in Play with everythingin Badía and company, Saturday parties with Berugo Carambula. She was also a model for Pancho Doto, choreographer for Emanuel Ortega, for Oscar Colombo and for five years I was a dancer at the Teatro Roma de Avellaneda. She was 19 years old there. She lived in Flores, I took two buses and went to the Teatro Roma and rehearsed all day. I left at 6 in the afternoon, I took two buses and I went to give classes at a studio in Caballito. He left and went to Belgrano to work in telemarketing offering emergency services for two hours. I used to return to Flores with two buses, mom was waiting for me with food, I bathed, had dinner and the next day the same thing. I did that for five years, at the same time I was a model for Pancho and on weekends I paraded in bowling alleys and Exhibition halls. I have a lot of life before being popular. Today I feel like I have a thousand years of life. Then came the Pinti thing and many plays. I was in France, at the Moulin Rouge; in Brazil, in Mexico and in Uruguay representing the country.

-How did you get to the famous Moulin Rouge?

-I was little because I stayed as a star, but I already had a career here. At that time he called me Néstor Montalbano to do I am your adventurewith Luis Luque, Diego Capuzzotto and Jorge Marrale. When I finished I traveled with Hernán Piquín to Madrid to do a show and I took the opportunity to go to France to audition for the Moulin. It was an odyssey, because I had to raise money to be able to make the trip and it occurred to me to go to Interviú magazine to do a cover. I sold myself as the best vedette and dancer in Argentina and as a letter of introduction I had a note published in the newspaper for the show with Piquín. Everything flowed, I made it, they paid me 12,000 euros and with that I went to France. We were 30 people auditioning and I stayed with three others, from Italy, Spain and the United States. They have functions every day and there is a bank of substitutes and sub-substitutes. I stayed for the sub substitute and they told me that they paid me from being in the substitute. There I decided that I would not stay to live because I did not want to start from scratch. The Moulin is barbaric but at the talent level we Argentines break it. I decided to come back because I was already 28 years old and I had made my way here.

Laura Fidalgo in a parade, when she took her first steps in the middle
Laura Fidalgo in a parade, when she took her first steps in the middleKindness Laura Fidalgo

-Do you have projects to return to television and the theater?

-Yes, I have thousands of projects. I submitted two and am waiting for a response. I have faith and for something I am standing with everything that happened to me. I had an accident and they even gave me up for dead on Crónica TV. That day I was going to San Nicolás to thank the Virgin and I fell over. I was with an ex-boyfriend, driving myself. A truck passed me, a gear went wrong, we touched the shoulder and overturned. We took five stumbles. They gave me up for dead in Chronicle and the next day I danced. Later I burned myself drinking mate in the Maipo and I was hospitalized. When I was 10 years old, the Virgin appeared to me and I became a devotee of the Virgin of San Nicolás.

How did the virgin appear to you?

-She had a white, luminous mantle, I don’t know what virgin she was. She was sleeping in the room that she shared with my brother. I woke up and stared at the ceiling; On the right hand side I had a small window from which I could see the patio of my house. And in that I saw an image that was appearing from the little feet up, to the head. It was the virgin with her hands together and she made me a movement with her head, as if affirming. I started to shout that I had the virgin on top of me, my brother told me to shut up because he wanted to sleep. My mom came running, but the virgin disappeared, this time from the top down. No one else saw her. We told Sister Silvina de la Misericordia where I went to school, and she told us that it was a super message, that she went to that protégé all her life. And I really feel that way. I had several accidents and came out unscathed. And I’m lucky; I won my first car playing basketball at Tinelli’s.

In her dance studio, where she takes care of everything, not just teaching
In her dance studio, where she takes care of everything, not just teaching Instagram @laura_fidalgook

-As was?

-In show match. We were ten celebrities and one person from the public and we were left with Pato Fillol, Marcelo and the girl from the gallery. I was sad to win because of the girl in the audience, but she didn’t have a car and she lived with my parents. I put a different one and I took out a car that I had for four years and I took many seasons to Mar del Plata. Over the years came DancingI was the first jury and I worked ten years with him.

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