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The city of Santa Elena, better known as “the pearl of the Cordillera” is one of the most admired places by local and foreign tourists. This paradisiacal town, located just 101 kilometers from Asunción, has green landscapes and a fresh atmosphere, which is conducive to relaxing with family and friends. We present the main attractions of this city.

The city of st. Helenlocated in the department of Coordillera, 101 kilometers from Asunción, invites people to visit its numerous tourist attractions. This town is characterized by being a healthy municipality and offers natural landscapes that delight visitors. The most visited corner is the well-known green tunnel.

green tunnel

This site is located at the entrance of the city of st. Helen. On the sides of the asphalt road you can see a green tunnel of trees. This is one of the most appreciated and visited places since you can enjoy a beautiful green walk that Mother Nature gives you.

With a particular extension of 250 meters of trees On the sides of the route, visitors are dazzled by the natural effect that is generated. Likewise, it is mandatory to stop for a few minutes to get some Photographs and thus capture that beautiful moment to remember.

In the summer season, this place is highly demanded by visitors. During the hottest months this area is characterized by being cool.

Mermaid Lagoon Square

This is a square that is located in the center of the city of Santa Elena. In this site you can see a wonderful mermaid sculpture, which represents the pearl of the mountain range, which is the city of Santa Elena.

According to the inhabitants, each visitor can make a wish when approaching the mermaid and, for those who have faith, it is fulfilled. This attractive sculpture is also highly admired by tourists.

The square has rustic seats that are used by tourists, who make a stop to take photos or simply go to rest.

Visitors who come to the town will be able to realize various rustic items. Most of the decorations, seats and tables found in the city are made by local artisans.

Around it you can also see a wooden bridgewith some rustic houses that give a special atmosphere to the place. In this space, visitors can take a break and enjoy the fresh atmosphere that can be perceived in the place.

Plaza R. Benitez

It is a favorite place for the inhabitants because you can enjoy a large space that is ideal for sharing and having a good time with family and friends outdoors. The plaza is located one block from the Saint Helena church.

In the square there are seats, tables, decorations and rustic signs, which are made by artisans from this town.

Also in this same place, visitors and locals can enjoy a fairly spaced court that has everything necessary to perform various sports.

The city of Santa Elena has grown quite a bit and is characterized by the unity and discipline of its inhabitants. The locals make an effort to keep every corner clean.

Rancho Reina Mia

Another of the sites visited is the “Queen Mia Ranch”, which is located in the very center of the city of Santa Elena. This place is ideal for lovers of bullfighting.

During the patron saint festival in Santa Elena this place is very visited for the activities they offer. Also, this week they entertained the little ones on the site with a children’s day special. . . . With the participation of several companies from the city, visitors from Altos, Mbokajaty del Yhaguy and other communities were present at the ranch.

For those who like to participate in bullfights, today at 9:00 p.m., they will carry out a bullfight with the presence of several invited cities, which will share this activity.

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