Less than three months after the debut, Florencia Peña’s program had its first casualty

Miss Bimbo (Instagram)

Since its debut, on May 10, The Pu*@ Mistress He had to deal with all kinds of criticism. However, she used to media attacks, Florence Pena went ahead with the night cycle of the screen of America. And, without losing the essence or the self-assurance, he managed to find the direction of his program. For this reason, he was surprised that, almost three months after the start, a member of his staff decided to step aside. Who is it about? Neither more nor less than Miss Bimbo.

The actress, who currently stars in the play Bimbo, Suerito and the historical mushroomsGuides a madman on the way in FuturRock and collaborates with the cycle of Isabella Vernaci The Black PopHe announced the news in a statement posted on his Twitter account. Instagram. “I am one of the people who work with their madness so that their limits and standards are not close to discomfort and pain. I don’t want what moves me physically or emotionally to be negative. I am learning to decide and act from joy and including my humanity and that of others, “she began writing.

And he continued: “From there I move and I leave a project at a good time, because in bad times it is easy but not everything is work, because we do those jobs even if they are beautiful and with wonderful people, with our mind and circumstances in tow. This system wants you to always follow, but not always our inner life goes where the world goes.

Miss Bimbo's post
Miss Bimbo’s post

Bimbo, who accompanied the post with a photo in which she was seen with the driver of the cycle, Diego Ramos, Dan Breitman, Chino Dangelo and Noralih GagoHe also explained the reasons for his decision. ”Bank choose. Rest bench. Bank do less, talk less, earn less. And see how I do to feel good, with everything that is not work in life. What else is there? I need time to find out,” she noted.

On the other hand, he explained referring to the censorship that the host of the cycle suffered on that social network: “Having said all this thing, which I share so as not to respond 100 times, I appreciate the opportunities and support of Jotax digital with two programs together,! where I learned and was happy! They closed Flor Peña’s Instagram because they can’t stand her being the fucking mistress. That’s why, It was a pride to be in a program that angered cardboard morals and aroused hatred from those who always hate, that rebounded us and made us more proud and united. There are TV shows that are more than that, be they good, bad and/or regular. We bother the right ones and you already know that I love it”.

And, to finish, he dedicated some warm words to his co-workers. “Thank you, Flor, for being a mega love, for giving me so much space and being so generous. You are of what is not. I will always stand up for you. Comrades, I love you. To those who are in the photo and to all those who work with great vibes and affection. I had a great time and from the privilege of being able to seek my well-being, I choose to look at them and enjoy them from my armchair while I take care of my things. I’m going to be a mom, of the next me that I will be. It takes time to grow and that alone takes me away from this beautiful work that I will always keep in my heart. Thanks to everyone who banked! We will continue to watch #LPA, but in fan mode, ”she concluded.


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