Letizia resumes her official agenda after the summer holidays

Happiness It has been a very intense summer, between his vacations in Palma de Mallorca and his private ones, but now it’s time to get back to the routine. The Queen will reappear this coming week after a time without commitments, although we have been able to see it during some reappearances on the Balearic island, the usual destination of the Royal Family in the summer. Now it’s time to resume the agenda commitments and this week of adaptation begins with several.

The Queen resumes this coming week the commitments of her agenda


Next Tuesday is the day chosen to reappear. Letizia will be present at the “Tour del Cancer” Conference, organized by the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Lleida. The Queen, Permanent Honorary President of the Spanish Association Against Cancer and of the Scientific Foundation of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, will attend the “Cancer Tour” that will take place in Lleida. For her part, she will also have to travel to La Palma, Canary Islands, next Friday. There she will inaugurate the new school year at the CEIP “Los Campitos”, CEIP “Todoque” and CEIP “María Milagros Acosta” of Los Llanos de Aridane, in La Palma. During her visit to the educational centers, Doña Letizia will be able to see first-hand the current situation experienced by the students of the three municipalities in the west of the island of La Palma that were affected after the eruption of the volcano.

Although there are still a few days left to see her publicly after the walk she took next to the king philip and her daughters, the Princess Eleanor and the Infanta Sofiathrough the center of Palma, the one who has returned to work has already been the monarch. The King was seen this Friday, September 2, during military audiences at the Royal Palace in Madrid: one of them was with the group of lieutenant generals and admiral in a reserve situation, and the other, with a group of colonels and Captain.

Take advantage of the days of relaxation with his daughter Sofía

queen letizia, infanta sofia

Although she is already in Madrid, Letizia could have delayed her return a little more to spend more time with her daughters. Leonor has been living in Wales for a few days now at the UWC Atlantic College where she is starting her second year of Baccalaureate. With whom he may be spending more time is with his little daughter, who has not yet returned to the Santa María de los Rosales School where this year she will be in fourth year of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO). It would not be surprising if both enjoy this weekend with a girls’ plan, in which a cultural plan would not be ruled out and help the infanta Sofía to prepare everything necessary before starting her last course before starting high school, a key moment in the young woman’s life.

When was the last time we saw Letizia?

The last time we saw her was on August 10 during a walk through Palma with her family.

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