LIVE The Martín Miguel de Güemes airport already operates normally

25 JULY 2022 – 10:28
Passengers who were stranded yesterday are relocated on different flights.

John Armaninorepresentative of the union of aeronautical employeesreported in a video released today, that the Martin Miguel de Guemes is operating normally in Salta. “Operations were reactivated yesterday, with the first three flights arriving after 7:00 p.m. Today the situation returned to normal,” he explained.

However, Armanino highlighted that there are problems with many passengers who are excited, after the problems that arose yesterday due to the closure of operations at the airport.

“Airport staff from all airlines are providing an agile service to relocate all passengers in the shortest possible time, so we ask all people to come closer and be patient because they are doing everything possible,” manifested.

The trade unionist anticipated that between today and tomorrow all passengers will finish being relocated.

“We hope that each airline informs its passengers about each particular case, to bring a solution to the victims as soon as possible,” he said.

To conclude, he clarified that the complications that arose yesterday have nothing to do with normal operations at the airport, but were due to a private incident, as it emerged and reiterated: “Have a little tolerance with the workers, which is being doing everything possible to solve the problem.”

It is worth remembering that yesterday, hundreds of passengers, tourists who had visited or were arriving in the province, and people from Salta who were trying to travel to Buenos Aires, were injured yesterday when an aircraft (executive jet citation V) suffered a malfunction and left the international airport runway.

As a result of the fact, the flights that arrived in Salta were diverted to the Jujuy airport, while those that had to leave were suspended, delayed or rescheduled, a situation that tarnishes the high tourist season in Salta in full swing.

“We slept on the floor”

A tourist, a teacher from Río Negro, whose flight from Salta to Neuquén was canceled for Friday. The young woman said that she did not accept because they do not have how to support themselves all those days. She along with her husband and her little son slept at the airport. They were told that they could travel today, but their flight was rescheduled again. They say they are desperate, because they have no way of financially coping with their stay and have to return to their jobs. They are on the waiting list at the moment.

The same happens with other families whose destination is Neuquén, who continue to be uncertain about when they will travel. Meanwhile, those who were able to get it continue to cover the cost of food and lodging. “The entire stay in Salta was wonderful, the problem arose when we wanted to return. When one plans a vacation, he arrives with just enough money to return. We did not expect this,” they said.

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