Locho Loccisano returns to El Hotel de los Famosos and will play a key role


What will Locho’s function be? The young man will be in charge of the program’s networks, where he will share summaries, exclusive material and conduct interviews with the figures of the reality show. He will have the same role that he plays today emily lucio in sing with me nowMarcelo Tinelli’s format in El Trece.

The second season of The hotel of the famous comes with changes. Monday at LAM, The chinese leunis He announced that they are evaluating a drastic change in the rules of the game. “That people vote would be very good. We have to see how it can be done, but participating in the final could be. That would give more credibility because all the time they told me: ‘it’s fixed’. And I think it has to do with passion that generates cycle”, express.


In an exclusive interview with PrimiciasYa, Locho Loccisano talked about everything

Though locho loccisano failed to be the champion The hotel of the famous (El Trece)He gained a lot of popularity and many point to him as the “winner of the people”.

In fact, today he enjoys a great presence in the media, as a jury of the new cycle of Marcelo Tinelli, Sing With Me Nowcycle that started this week after finishing the reality show.

During his stay at the hotel, Locho met May Martin and they became friends. At the end of the program they continued to see each other and began a love relationship.


And in an exclusive interview with FirstfruitsYa, Loccisano He talked about his romance with the journalist and revealed some intimate details. “Everything is going well with her, we are getting to know each other and I think we lived a unique experience that marked us both. We are enjoying sharing time together, we are very good buddies, partners… We support each other a lot. We are dedicating ourselves time to get to know each other, enjoy each other and see what happens”.

“I am now full with Marcelo Tinelli’s program and she is with thousands of things, but whenever we find a little place we have dinner or watch a program together, but we always try to share moments together. And some other night that got late , has stayed to sleep in my house and we had a great time”Locho detailed.

Finally, when asked about how he sees the future of his relationship with Majo, he pointed out: “In progress, always in progress.”

Locho Loccisano’s striking reaction when asked about Majo Martino

locho loccisano He became one of the most popular figures in The Hotel of the Famous. Her passage through that program gave her an unexpected fame. The former assistant The roulette of your dreams (America television), entered the reality show, became a figure and today is part of the jury of Sing with me now.

His stay in the competition allowed him to meet May Martinwith whom I would be building something more than a friendship. In a note with intrudersThe young man surprised when talking about his bond with the panelist.

“How’s the romance with Majo coming?”Marcela Taurus asked him. “with majo? Well well… I am very hooked“, Locho commented, somewhat shy when referring to his feelings for his former cohabitation partner.

“Yesterday Martín (Salwe) said that the romance with Emily is different inside than outside”added the member of Intruders. “But ours was outside. Everything happened when the reality show ended,” specified the jury of Sing With Me Now.

“Are you in love, Locho?”threw Nancy Duré, to the bone. “Yes, I’m falling in love”, recognized Locho, who recalled that he has been interested in the beautiful journalist and producer for a long time.


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