Long weekend: these are the best hot springs in Argentina to relax and enjoy as a couple

The holiday of August 17, which commemorates the Passage to the Immortality of General José de San Martínfinally moved to Monday the 15th. The holiday will start Saturday the 13th and end on Monday the 17th of August.

On this date, some people will take the opportunity to make a getaway to some tourist places in the country. For this reason, the hot springs are one of the destinations most chosen by all to take a well-deserved rest.

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What are the best hot springs in Argentina?

Fiambal Baths

The Fiambal Hot Springs are located in the province of Catamarca. Currently, it has a total of 3,000 inhabitants. The origin of the name comes from the first aborigines such as Pianwall. They are reached through National Route No. 60.

What to do in the Termas de Fiambal?

The Fiambal Baths are characterized by having natural pools that descend from the mountain, and have temperatures ranging from 38. In addition, its mineral properties have healing and medicinal power.

Another of Fiambal’s tourist sites is the town’s main square. There, you can visit the municipality and the Comandancia de Armas.

Fiabal Hot Springs, Catamarca.

Rio Hondo Hot Springs

The Termas de Ro Hondo are located on the Dulce River, located in northern Argentina. These hot springs are also known for their therapeutic properties.. Currently, it is composed of 35,500 inhabitants.

What to do in the Termas de Río Hondo?

The most visited places of the Termas de Río Hondo are:

  • La Oll Public Spa: It is an outdoor pool, it has hot springs to relax and enjoy the sun. Its waters have a temperature of 30 C. In addition, you can visit the craft fair that is a few meters away.
  • front disk: the place is located in Rio Dulce. People who go can do sports activities, fishing, rowing, and motor boating.

Cacheuta hot springs

The Cacheuta Hot Springs Water Park It is located 38 kilometers from the city of Mendoza, next to the Andes mountain range and on the banks of the Mendoza River. The park has pools of different temperatures.

What to do in the Termas de Cacheuta?

It is ideal for people who go with friends, partner or family. Another attraction of the Termas de Cacheuta is the number of adventure tourism activities. The site has a zip line, an arena for those who love to climb, and boats for rafting on the Mendoza River..

Cacheuta hot springs, Mendoza.

Another striking place that the Cacheuta Hot Springs have is the Hanging Bridge, which is 140 meters long and crosses the Mendoza River to join both sides. When crossing the bridge, you can see the mountains of the Andes mountain range, next to the houses made with stones.

Potrerillos is another of Mendoza’s tourist sites and is located 14 kilometers away. The place is characterized by its water activities such as rafting, zip line and trekking.

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